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Timber Kitchen Design: Remodelling Tips

July 2, 2016
timber kitchen design

Welcome back, CoContesters, to our regular Saturday remodelling sessions, featuring more fabulous design advice for you to confidently update your home. Last week, we took a look at how to choose an indoor sauna, but today, we’ll be taking a good, thorough glance at the ins and outs of timber kitchen design.

timber kitchen design

via Blakes London

Why choose timber?

Timber has been used in homes for centuries for its durability, character, charm, age-defiance and look. For this reason, it is a brilliant material for one of your busiest domestic hubs, therefore imparting a sleek timeless ambience.

Undeniably one of our favourite kitchen designs so far, this whitewashed Scandinavian inspired cooking area is a cut above the rest. To take a peek around this neat, refined and rustic design, head to Blakes London for their full range.

timber kitchen design

via Artichoke Kitchens

Advantages and disadvantages

As with everything, there are benefits and disadvantages to installing a timber kitchen. When considering a wood cooking space, contemplate the following:

  • Timber scratches easily. Unlike laminate, hardwood does dent and scratch, while veneers and laminates will offer a hard and resistant worktop. On the flip side however, dents, nicks and bumps can actually look rustic, consequently creating a stylish ‘worn’ look.
  • Hardwood is expensive. The most expensive kitchen you can install, hardwood is pricey and budget-busting, in addition it can stain easily, leading to required maintenance (see below). If you want a less expensive kitchen, take a look at laminate as an alternative.
  • Wood requires regular maintenance. As with all natural materials, timber demands maintenance, polishing, shining and treating, consequently costing more money and time.
  • Timber will last forever. Oft-overlooked is the fact that a timber kitchen can outlast almost any other type of material, therefore offering good bang for your buck.

Wouldn’t we all love a spacious, traditional kitchen like this bespoke regal and elegant Artichoke design above? Check out the full range here.

timber kitchen design

via Milleuno


Once you’ve considered what your timber kitchen design absolutely must have, you are going to want to ponder your options. If you’re working with a compact or minute space, you might want to look at colours and textures that suit your desired aesthetic. Either way, materials is key to your kitchen design, and it’s a good idea to work out the optimum options in order for your space to function effectively. Some of your options might include:

  • Hardwood. This is the most expensive option, consequently providing the longest lasting and most luxurious aesthetic.
  • Veneer. A less expensive option veneer is attractive and long lasting, while also offering a range of colours and finishes.
  • Laminate. The cheapest of the bunch, laminate is essentially plastic with timber digitally printed onto it, while not technically timber, laminate is still a great option.

Chic, elegant, with a sense of updated traditionalism, this kitchen ticks all of the design boxes! Check out more here.

timber kitchen design

via Trueline Woodworks

Colour and style is important

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself when considering a timber kitchen design, the colour and style of your cooking area is paramount to its success. Look at your surrounding space, choosing hues that interest you, or will provide your home with some contrast.

But of course, stay excited, and get inspired! Take a look at more of this gorgeously planned and executed kitchen here.

timber kitchen design

via Sustainable Kitchens

Go green and increase your eco-friendliness

When choosing your kitchen, look at an eco-friendly option. Environmentally friendly or sustainable kitchens are becoming more the norm these days, consequently offering a gorgeous range of timber kitchen design options.

Like what you see? This environmentally friendly kitchen is produced and designed by the aptly named Sustainable Kitchens, check it out here.

We hope that this article spurred you on to update your kitchen with a fabulous timber edge! We hope to see you back next Saturday on CoContest for more inspiring interior tips!

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