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Choosing Bed Linen: Interior Design 101

July 4, 2016
choosing bed linen

We’re back once again fellow CoContesters – get ready for another neat session on our ever popular Interior Design 101 series, after last Monday’s brilliant and interesting take on the ins and outs of employing indoor plants, we’ll be diving into one of the most important bedroom essentials: how to pick bed linen and textiles. So get excited as we take you through the crucial must-know elements of choosing bed linen for your sleeping quarters. Read on below!

choosing bed linen

via Residents Understood

Why is the right bed linen important?

So where should someone start when choosing bed linen, and why is it so important? There is nothing worse than a poorly-decorated sleeping space, replete with tattered, dull and discoloured linen! Your sleeping space should be elegant, sumptuous, and most importantly comfortable, and to achieve this there is really only one element that matters—bed linen. In order to send yourself comfortably off to dreamland, you will need to choose the most suitable bed sheets for your domestic space, while also ensuring you pick the right stylistic elements.

Sometimes an uncomplicated design is best, therefore adding a sense of peaceful simplicity to your space. We particularly love the abode design from Residents Understood, check it out here.

choosing bed linen

via Rachel Whiting

Choosing an overall theme for your bedroom (plus thread count and fabric)

Choosing a theme for your bedroom’s design is of the utmost importance before your embark on choosing new bed linen. You might desire a room that boasts rustic cosiness, industrial chic, or perhaps classic character, therefore you need to ponder your scheme before you consider purchasing a sheet and quilt set.

In addition, you should look at thread count. But what is a thread count? Essentially, it is the number of threads woven into each particular area of material. The threads are woven horizontally and vertically, and extra threads are often added to create a softer, thicker and more luxurious feeling sheet. If you want true luxury, look for a thread count around 500-700, and don’t bother with anything under 200.

When choosing material, look for the following:

  • Cotton.
  • Egyptian cotton.
  • Pima cotton.
  • Cotton sateen.
  • Jersey.
  • Linen.
  • Cotton-polyester.

Of course there are plenty more materials available on the market, but these are simply a few you might encounter. To check out the impressive bedroom above, head to Rachel Whiting.

choosing bed linen

via Kas

Colour is everything!

One of the most commonly asked questions is: when to use colour, and when to keep it simple. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this question, as it will depend on your room, your desired aesthetic, and of course your personal preference. However, there are ways to infuse your sheets with a little vibrancy, while still maintaining subtlety and elegance. Look at pairing neutral undersheets and pillowcases with a bright quilt cover, dramatic accessories, or even a simple throw rug. Alternatively, try a muted quilt cover, with bright undersheets!

We simply adore the bright and lively example above from Kas Australia, which combines patterns, textures and exciting tones.

choosing bed linen

via a&h Architecture

Nice and neutral

Sometimes less is more, and this definitely applies in the case of choosing bed linen. If your bedroom is wild, dramatic or bold, you might want to choose a less boisterous sheet set to tone down your overall ambience.

A great example is the delightful bedroom above, which boasts plenty of eye-catching elements, and lets the furniture do the talking, while employing a subtle and neutral bed linen set.

choosing bed linen

via And So To Bed

Evoking a feeling and ambience

As a final note before we wrap up our segment, we will bring to your attention the crucial element of making sure you evoke the right mood and ambience for your space. It is essential you ensure everything is put together correctly, consequently creating unity and harmony. If you are attempting to create a romantic aesthetic, choosing bed linen that is soft and sumptuous is a great idea, while a sleek contemporary space might look better with a crisp white sheet set. As a final note, ensure your fitted sheet fits perfectly, while a looser sheet will look okay, a tight one will seal the stylistic deal.

If you like the look of the impressive design above, check it out in its entirety here.

Did this get you feeling inspired and full of ideas for your newly updated bedroom? Stay tuned for more next Monday!

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