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Terrific home office renovation for workacholics!

July 5, 2016
home office renovation

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today’s contest focuses on those incurable workaholics, who just cannot but bring their work home. Yes, we are taking a tour on some brilliant home office renovation ideas.

The perks of working from home are usually associated with certain freedoms. The freedom to arrange a schedule of your own liking and the freedom not to wear pants during a Skype conference. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, we are not going to delve deep into the benefits of transferring your work from an office to a home. Rather, we prefer to focus on the home office renovation and how to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Let’s first then the needs of Giorgio, the client of today’s contest, for his home office. Don’t forget to take notes and as always be inspired.

Before: a mess of an office

home office renovation

OK. It’s quite simple what drives Giorgio into a home office renovation. The place is brimming with inefficiency in any given department.

Unless you belong in that small demographic who find creativity in utter chaos, then this messy home office is anything but helpful for work. You will probably spend more time looking for the computer pad, rather actually putting down some fruitful work.

For this matter, Giorgio wants to alter the very nature of his home office. He instructs the contestants to allow the space to breathe, while at the same time it becomes a beacon of organizational efficiency.

Reference: the beauty of wood

home office renovation

Of course, Giorgio has already a vision of his home office renovation. And he makes sure to fully communicate it with the contestants.

This image serves as a reference that wood should, by any given measure, employed in the creation of his new home office. Naturally, his vision entails a big desk. Those twin Mac screens deserve a better throne that the pre-existing, don’t you think?

On top of the big desk, the contestants were are given a clue to make room for a large bookcase. Given the amount of paperwork scatter across his office, Giorgio will definitely need one.

The rules of the contest were set and the contestants prepare with utmost diligence their terrific home office ideas. Let’s take a look.

The layout: a practical assortment

home office renovation

First things first, before you start throwing furniture away and scanning for a gorgeous desk, your home office renovation begins with drafting a layout plan. Otherwise, you mind come to the painful and expensive conclusion the new furnishings don’t match the available space.

Take a cue, then, from Anna Bruno‘s amazing design. She brilliantly defines three separate areas in the office that exist in a single layout. The first and most obvious is the desk area. Across it, she decides to include a relaxation zone with a corner sofa. Finally, she even makes room for a small kitchen nook.

Giorgio can live forever in his office. The perfect layout for a true workaholic.

 The decor: relaxing vibes

home office renovation

After drafting the plan, the next piece of the puzzle will be the overall decorative vibes of the home office renovation. Given the most likely scenario for a workaholic is to spend 60-70 hours per week on the job, it stands to reason the working environment must be inspiring.

So, Luca G. Gentile decides to use some spectacular artwork in his home office concept. The abstract roots of any art form can so often gear up creativity in a working environment, while simultaneously act as a soothing factor. As we like to call it, a win-win situation.

Of course, Luca also follows the vision of Giorgio and incorporates into the decor the natural effects of wood. Which just makes this idea all the more aspiring.

The color palette: clean and sterile

home office renovation

Similarly to decor, the color palette has to walk the fine line between relaxation and inspiration. Neutral colors, for this matter, can be your best friends.

Just take a look at Gosselin DesignCo‘s home office renovation idea. If you go back to the hot mess of the Giorgio’s office prior to the magic touch of CoContest, then the effects of this specific color palette become more evident. It just creates a clean environment that can aptly boost the working mentality.

Oh, and we can’t leave this idea without a mention to the round desk. While most contestants opt for the L-shaped desk, Gosselin decides to honor the space saving properties of round corners. Isn’t this dexterously wonderful?

The bar corner: a born necessity

home office renovation

All workaholics can condone to the fact the hours spend behind a screen can tighten up the nerves. Count in a miscommunication with a client and you become a volcano spitting hot molted lava. How do you put out the fire?

Well, Kristina Krasteva has an idea for you. A bar corner can become a born necessity for a home office. So, she adds in the relaxation zone a small stack of shelves and a fridge that can hold the best liquid medicine around.

But, beyond the apparent medicinal use of a bar nook, it can also host various client meetings. There are few better ways to close a deal than clinging two short glasses of whiskey in celebration.

The bookcase: organisation efficiency

home office renovation

Finally, the digital era has made most hard copies obsolete that doesn’t negate the effect of a bookcase in the organisational efficiency of a home office.

Truth be told, bookcases nowadays don’t hold volumes of logistics like they used to. However, they can have masterful uses in a home office renovation. Mariagrazia Angelo, for example, uses the bookcase as a divisional element between the relaxation area and the working zone.

Also, this matrix of shelves can hold your awards, diplomas, or any other measure of success as a reminiscence of why you are working hard on a Saturday night. And that’s something really valuable!

So, there you have it. If you are taking the big leap to work from home, then it is fairly obvious you need to create a space that can foster your line of occupation. We are confident these ideas can become the corner stones of your home office renovation. Or, just jump on the CoContest bandwagon and we will handle the rest.

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