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Inspiring kitchen showroom design!

July 8, 2016
kitchen showroom design

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we dig deep into our vault and bring to you an inspiring kitchen showroom design.

Unlike most of our contests, the clients are not concerned with improving their preexisting kitchen setup. They are a company in the business of creating wonderful kitchen designs. So, they knocked CoContest’s door and asked for its pros to provide with unique kitchen showroom designs. What was their plan? But, of course, to exhibit the ideas in their imminent showroom display.

So, for those who are fond of visiting showrooms for inspiration, we are taking you on a digital detour. Of course, the rest can also feast on these exemplary ideas.

Given the absence of a before to compare, it means we are going to jump right into the kitchen showroom designs by the contestants. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

Kitchen Showroom Design #1: black beauty

kitchen showroom design

The clients are a family businesses running over 100 years in the kitchen design game. Up in the Swiss Alps, they combine traditional elements with modernity. Which means wood and technology are a big part of their kitchen designs. In that respect, the contestants are lined to follow the core principles of the family business.

Well, Aleksandar Stosic, comes through with a brilliant design. A kitchen island supplements a wooden bar counter that combines the two predestined functions of the kitchen. Those are, of course, the social hub and food factory.

However, if we have to choose one element of this idea that sets it apart from the rest, that would be the glossy effects of the black and grey tints. Black is usually a color abstained from the kitchen. We are here to tell you( better yet, show you), its use can uplift your kitchen into the realm of uniqueness. Aleksadnar can testify to that!

Kitchen Showroom Design #2: natural ambiance

kitchen showroom design

Black can surely convey a modern touch in the kitchen. That can also be achieved, though, with spectacular modern appliances. At least, that is how Celien envisions the kitchen for the family business. An ultra large fridge is set by the wall, with enough drawers to store food for a whole battalion of the Swiss army.

Also, Celien is not a fun of the glossy touch. Rather, she prefers the warm essence of white that gives ambiance to the kitchen. The lavish use of white brings the tradition into the modernity of the army feeding fridge.

Of course, we can’t proceed without a small mention to the materials scattered in the kitchen setup. From the wooden floor, stools and cabinets to the marble kitchen island, Celien shows a particular taste for the natural. And we definitely agree.

Kitchen Showroom Design #3: cool island

kitchen showroom design

The clients were adamant that a kitchen island must be included in the designs. Thus far, we have explore vogue kitchen islands that are usually found in most households.

For that reason, Pietro Priori wants to add a unique element with the kitchen island and move away from the masses. The island is split in two. One side holds the sink, while the other side offers ample space to chop down onions for an awesome carponara. The two sides are then connected with a wooden bar top. This creates a dynamic look for the kitchen.

That is, by no extent of pomposity, a cool kitchen island. Oh, of course, when having a kitchen island, you need to pay close attention to the lighting. Otherwise, you might end up chopping more things other than onions. Pietro, in this regard, uses pendants. These lighting fixtures are perfect to highlight specific spots in your kitchen setup.

Kitchen Showroom Design #4: maximizing space

kitchen showroom design

Now, having a cool island is but one way to add that special element in your kitchen. As we have seen, the use of black can also have similar effects. How about a splash of abstractness?

Rozelita Aliu fits in the island and the opposing wall a special marble that is infused with an anarchic amalgamation of blue and yellow. This is a match made in heaven with the dark wood.

But, beyond the colorful marble, Rozelita attempts to maximize space with her design by shedding any excess weight. She rather concentrates on the bare necessities. A large kitchen island that acts as storage, cooking and eating station stands across a simple, albeit awesome, kitchen wall with modern appliances.

A perfect kitchen for a house limited by space.

Kitchen Showroom Design #5: storage and some more storage

kitchen showroom design

Finally, all kitchens around the world share one common need. What’s that? Well, let’s just say a disorganized kitchen will lead to a lot of frustration for the inhabitants. Just imagine your pans and cutlery brimming the kitchen counters because of lack of storage.

Kristina Krasteva, then, decides to focus on adding as many storage solutions as possible in her kitchen showroom design. She combines upper small drawers with deep drawers that can hold cutlery and pans respectively. Also, she brings into the mix tall cabinets for the day to day shopping. Wait, we are not done yet. She additionally connects the cabinets with wooden shelves that can hold anything, from spices to flower pots.

But, most importantly, Katrina makes room to add a few decorative elements in the kitchen. The kitchen island becomes a display for those little ornaments that define the kitchen as yours. So, in essence, this becomes a display in a showroom display. Shall we say a displayception?

There you have it. The family business in Switzerland asked for an inspiring kitchen showroom design and the pros of Contest, as always, delivered with remarkable results. As for those planning to visit a kitchen exhibition, we just help you circumvent a costly trip. You are welcome.

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