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Designing Utility Rooms: Remodelling Tips

July 9, 2016
designing utility rooms

Welcome back once again, CoContesters, to our regular Saturday remodelling sessions. This weekend we have even more fabulous design advice for you to confidently update your home. Last week, we took a look at how tremendous timber kitchens, while today we’ll be taking a good glance at the ins and outs of designing utility rooms.

designing utility rooms

via Hunted Interior

The domestic utility room

A domestic laundry or utility room is an oft-neglected home essential. While the bathroom has reaped the benefits of having evolved into a feature of its own, designing utility rooms still trail well behind in the design stakes. These days we contribute a huge amount of time into ensuring our bathing area is a gorgeously lavish retreat. We employ soothing whirlpool bathtubs, while the laundry is often relegated to the basement, dark, uninviting, and often impractical.

However, all hope is not lost! A laundry or utility room can be so much more, with relatively minimal input and effort. To provide you with a hint of encouragement, and some beautiful stylistic inspiration, check out the impressive utility room from Hunted Interior above.

designing utility rooms

via Bleubird

Choosing a layout

Designing utility rooms comes with many different stylistic and practical considerations. When choosing a layout for your updated utility room, consider the following:

  • Laundry activities. Think about what you will be doing in your utility room, and how much space you need to do it.
  • Appliances. Front loader, top loader, pedestal and more. These are just a few considerations that will adjust your laundry layout.
  • Storage. Consider how much storage you require, where it will go, and how it can be placed to avoid getting in the way, or maximising space, in addition, look at if you require an area to dry your clothing.
  • Countertop space. Do you need to fold laundry in your utility room? Look at how much work area you require, and design accordingly.

If you like what you see in the above laundry makeover, check out the full ‘before and after’ via Bleubird.

designing utility rooms

via IHeart Organising

Keeping everything organised

One of the most important considerations when designing utility rooms is to think about your storage and organisational requirements. Think about how you handle the laundry process (washing, drying ironing, folding), and consider areas that you may need.

Take some cues from this impressive example above, which manages to keep every item in its right place.

designing utility rooms

via All About Home Design

Where should my laundry room be located?

When designing a new laundry or utility room its position within your home is of the utmost importance. However, often many of us will be fairly limited with where the room can go, while others might be able to move the space to a more desirable locale. Generally, consider the following when choosing an area in your home for your laundry:

  • Who uses the space? Place the laundry in the most convenient space for the main user.
  • Where is the laundry going to be dried? Place the utility room close to where the laundry is drying. If laundry dries on a line outside, build your space close to this.
  • What are you washing? Position your laundry in a convenient space, in addition situate it in an area that is advantageous to the washer.
  • How often do you wash things in the utility room? Locate your utility room based on how often you wash, while considering how much you might use the space.
  • Where would you like the laundry? Finally it is important to think about what feels natural, and where you would like to launder your clothes. A certain location can evoke a certain ambience, consequently and undesirable area can be seen as uninviting or unwelcoming.

Do you like the above design? Follow the link here, and gain some additional utility room inspiration.

designing utility rooms

via Organized Interiors

Extra things to consider

There are extra considerations to think about when designing utility rooms.

  • Do you want a built-in pedestal for your washer?
  • Would you like built-in drying racks?
  • Do you require a double sink? And furthermore, do you require a sink at all?
  • Are you working with a compact space, while maximising perceived area?

Consider professional advice to obtain some neat design tricks and ideas. Additionally, look at high-tech features that will improve your overall ambience and room practicality. If you like the look of the impressive design abode, check it out by following the link here.

We hope that this article gave you a few tips to refresh and revive your utility room, in addition, we hope to see you back next Saturday on CoContest for more inspiring interior tips!

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