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Summer Preparation: How to Refresh your Abode

July 11, 2016
summer preparation

Hey there CoContesters, time for another dose of decorating magic. To kick things off we are starting a new weekly segment that features all things sunny and summery. Last week we chatted about designing utility rooms, and this week our attention will focus on 5 ways to refresh your abode for the warmer months. Summer preparation of your abode is essential in order to maximise your dwelling’s ambience and atmosphere. Create a welcoming and gorgeous summer enhancing home by reading on below!

summer preparation

via Rachel Whiting

Dress your windows to maximise light

Let’s face it; winter is cold, dark and grey. Even with curtains open, relatively little light enters the home as it is so grim and glum outside. For this reason we tend to neglect our window dressings, opting to focus our attention on other interior décor options such as sumptuous sofas, comfy accessories and winter related accoutrements.

However, now that the sun is gracing us with its warming rays, it is time to let that natural light inside. Frame your windows, while also making a feature of them by incorporating stylish window dressings. We adore the windows above! Check out this dwelling and more of the interior by following the link here.

summer preparation

via YAM Studios

Organise your balcony, terrace or garden

What would summer be without time spent outdoors? As the mercury rises, it is often time to ensure your exterior space is suitably replete with a range of comfy seating areas, while also organised and tidy. Clear your clutter, toss your trash and ensure the area is suitably sleek and chic. If you are working with a balcony, look at employing a minimal aesthetic to improve spaciousness. And if you have a terrace or garden, once you have organised ensure you have enough shade spaces to provide a calm area to rest and relax.

Take your cues from the strikingly clean example above, and head to YAM Studios to learn more.

summer preparation

via Arent & Pyke

Ventilate your interior spaces

Over winter there is no doubt that your home will have become dank, dull and relatively stale. During these colder months we tend to close doors, windows and curtains, keeping the warm in and the cool out. Of course this is essential when living somewhere that experiences a chilly winter, but has the unintended and unavoidable consequence of creating a stuffy interior environment.

To ventilate your dwelling, consider the following:

  • Open all windows. Let in air and a breeze, while also improving the smell of your interior. Airing out the rooms in your home will create a clean, effortlessly welcoming ambience.
  • Add freestanding fans. Fans ensure air circulates easily throughout your abode, consequently improving the vibe and aura.
  • Consider an air purifier. Air purifiers remove dust, toxins and other undesirable airborne particles.
  • Employ indoor plants. Similar to air purifiers, indoor plants improve air quality in the home, while also looking fabulous. If you would like to learn more about indoor plants, check out another of our articles here:

What do you think of the above interior? If you would like to check it out in full, follow the link here.

summer preparation

a&h Architecture

Update your dining area

When summer finally hits it is definitely time to have some friends or family over, cook up a storm and host a dinner or lunch! During the warmer months there is nothing better than a festive, fun and entertaining event. But what happens if your dining space has become a little less than attractive over the winter?

Give your space a refresh with bright and sparkling crockery, updated table linen and a burst of bright hues. Citrus colours and tones work especially well, while you might also want to consider summery hues such as white, green, and cool blues.

Like what you see in the above image? Check it out via a&h Architecture.

summer preparation

via Kas

Replace your bed linen

Over the wintery months, it is not uncommon for the bedroom to become stale and dank. Winter bedding is heavy, while quilts and throws are often fairly thick. You should replace your bed linen to breathe new life into your room, enhancing the overall aesthetic, consequently creating a welcoming, light and airy ambience.

Do you like the way the above bedroom coordinates each element? Get some summery inspiration by checking out the full bed linen set here.

Want more? Stay tuned next Monday when we will look at some more fabulous summer ideas and tricks!

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