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A lavish penthouse renovation!

July 12, 2016
penthouse renovation

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we indulge the lavish side of life with an incredible penthouse renovation.

Living big has its perks. Especially when we are talking about a massive penthouse. There is more than enough space for the normative rooms and then some more. Hey, if you put your minds to it, you can even add a small tennis court. Nonetheless, the clients of this contest don’t have the intention to become amateur tennis players. They do want, though, to use the penthouse renovation to reshape their home into a practical modern cave.

That is the biggest challenge when it comes to large spaces. An appropriation of space that doesn’t make the house seem alienated, rather friendly and cozy.

Let’s see, then, the clients needs and how they envisioned their penthouse renovation. Don’t forget to take notes and as always be inspired.

Before: stuck in the past

penthouse renovation

The penthouse prior to the renovation seems to have stuck in the 80’s. And we don’t mean that with the good retro vibes of the 80’s. Nope. Even the way the rooms are connected remind of movies that are left forgotten on a VHS tape.

So, the clients instruct the contestants to alter the spatial relationship between the various rooms of the house. In essence, the contestants have free reign in the penthouse renovation with only one condition. To allow as much openness in their designs as possible.

The same applies for the furniture pieces and decor. The clients want something that emanates an informal and artsy character.

The needs of the clients are set and the contest is on. Let’s see the brilliant penthouse renovation designs by the various contestants.

Layout plan #1: a practical assortment


penthouse renovation

As we mentioned before, living in a large apartment runs some risks. One of them is the alienation of the rooms that can create an unfriendly and cold house. So, the spatial appropriation plays a paramount factor in today’s penthouse renovation.

For Carmela Avagliano, that means the division of space into two sides. By using the elevators (yes, the penthouse has a staircase/elevator entrance) as a natural divisional point, she separates the apartment into the family side and the guest side.

That creates a practical assortment of space, giving the family and the guests the right amount of privacy. Oh, and of course, the family side has an immediate access to the terrace that surrounds the apartment. Another perk of living large!

Layout plan #2: the traditional assortment

penthouse renovation Now, for Roberta Germano, it is important to stay faithful in the traditional architectural disposition that denotes the southern parts of the world. Which means to pay emphasis on gardens.

So, the heart of the house becomes the indoor garden that opens up completely to the terrace. This provides with a certain amount of freedom and strength to the penthouse renovation. And let’s be honest. Who would say no to an awesome garden in their apartment? It will bring that natural feel of rural areas into the concrete jungle of the cities.

Beyond the garden, Roberta wants to allow as much light as possible in the penthouse. That’s why she opts for open and large spaces, giving emphasis to the south side. Of course, the south side is the wake up zone of the sun.

Layout plan #3: comfortable and contemporary

penthouse renovation

What we have seen so far, is the contestants completely altering the core of the penthouse by infusing their own principles to the appropriation of space. Whether that is an emphasis on the living conditions, or the traditional structural purity.

Well, Gabriele Gelmetti, doesn’t fall far from this pattern. Her penthouse renovation idea focuses on marrying coziness with modernity. As soon as you step out from the elevator/entrance, the living room with all the modern amenities opens up for your pleasure. But, the large living area has a dual function. It wraps inside a dining area and interconnects with the kitchen.

That pretty much wraps up our tour to the layout plans as well. Now, let’s feast on the wonderful furniture and decor envisioned by the contestants.

The dining area: a modern miracle

penthouse renovation
Oh yeah. Filippo Colombetti takes that VHS tape that was the penthouse decor and puts it back where it belongs. In a forgotten bookcase, just to give the clients a few good laughs.

This spectacular dining room merges together the contemporary, friendly and arty character the clients want to grow with their penthouse renovation. Using that spectacular view, that is unique to the penthouse, Filipo imagines a dining area in a minimalistic living room that warps in its white magnificence the kitchen.

Simply put, this is a modern miracle!

The terrace area: comfortable furniture

penthouse renovation

The luxury of having a terrace means that you have to honor it appropriately. Enter garden furniture.

Nikolas Karas, envisions a decked terrace with a modern furniture arrangement. Hence, the clients can spend idle hours with their friends in this mesmerizing patio. Just imagine the memories ready to be created here.

Of course, it wouldn’t feel like a garden without some plant life. So, Nicolas proposes to fill the terrace wall with creeping plants. That’s might be a terrace we don’t really need, but one that we definitely want!

The bathroom: the black beauty

penthouse renovation

You might be wondering we why chose the bathroom from all the rooms in the penthouse to show you? Well, the answer is simple. Black color.

So often, black is neglected to be used in the house color palette. The reasons might vary. Others might consider it as light blocking, others as a gloom tint. However, the truth is, black is an elegant color that can elevate the decor of any room it shades.

Take, for example, this bathroom proposal by Carlo Marchese. The walls are structured with black tiles. The bathroom doesn’t look ominous, nor small. Rather it acquires a bold and unique character. So, never underestimate black tints in your decor. In fact, as a neutral hue, it has an embedded compatibility with any other color. Go black!

The living area: lavish decor

penthouse renovation

Finally, we will leave you a lavish proposal. In all fairness, all contestants thus far have complemented the opulence of the penthouse with corresponding furniture and layout schemes.

However, Andrea Micheletti takes it one step further. She abandons that 80’s spatial connectivity with an openness of space. The colors and furniture define each area as a unique element in the decor. That’s a decorative tip for you. You don’t need walls to establish the function of a room in your home. Not at all.

But, if we want to pick on facet of Andrea’s penthouse renovation proposal that stand out, that would be the spectacular floor. Just go back to the before image and check out the tiles prior to the renovation. Now, do you see the difference?

So there you have it. The penthouse renovation had as its main components the redefinition of space. And the pros of CoContest, as always, came up with dexterous arrangements. Throw in some lavish furniture proposals and you have a penthouse that causes jaws to drop.

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