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Emily A. Clark: Today’s Feature Blog

July 14, 2016
Emily A. Clark

Hi there interior design aficionados! Welcome back this fine Thursday morning for another inspiring CoContest feature blogger. Last week we took a detailed look at the brilliant Hunted Interior, while this week we’re backing up our home design inspo with a round up on Emily A. Clark (EAC).

Whether you are an interior design enthusiast, devotee, connoisseur or fanatic we have something for you. Read on below to learn more about this masterly design trailblazer, in addition to some brilliant ideas and inspiration!

Emily A. Clark

via EAC

So, who is Emily A. Clark?

With an ingenious attitude and a penchant for recycling, re-covering and re-painting, Emily is a design force to be reckoned with. Emily began blogging in Autumn of 2009, consequently becoming one of the internet’s top interior aficionados. Having been featured in a range of magazines, online publications and lifestyle blogs, her business seems destined to traverse time, while providing a long lasting and timeless aesthetic. As a current contributor for Better Homes & Gardens online and AOL’s Lifestyle Collective, this bright blue eyed mother of five manages to organise her time with inconceivable precision and prowess.

Helping transform interiors one at a time, you can learn more about Emily, or engage her services via her self-titled website and blog.

Emily A. Clark

via EAC

Quirky, intriguing and unique design inspiration

Emily A. Clark provides interesting and intriguing interior designs. Not simply someone who follows design norms, Emily creates engaging spaces, while working with colour, texture and tone. The above image demonstrates a sense of advanced style, in addition to providing helpful tips to emulate and mimic the style in your own abode.

If you would like to browse more of the good stuff, while checking out the endless range of ideas, tips and tricks here.

Emily A. Clark

via EAC

Free printables

Is there anything better than free design advice and ideas? We certainly don’t think so. Luckily Emily is here to help with her range of free printables, consequently adding colour and life to your dwelling. If you need to give your abode that much needed stylistic injection, check out foliage related imagery and pictures

If the above printable greenery tickles your fancy, follow the link here, and update your home today!

Emily A. Clark

via EAC

Something for everyone

Catering to a wide clientele, Emily A. Clark provides gorgeous interiors and ideas for every room of your home, while focusing particular attention on the following:

  • How to update existing interior spaces.
  • Fabulous recipes and food-related skills.
  • The ins and outs of decorating.
  • Easily made mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Free printables to add to your home’s decor.

One post we took a particular liking to is: Why I Can’t Resist Big Ugly Beach Art? Emily’s lighthearted look at design is extremely refreshing as she debunks design myths and long-held ideas. If you would like to check out this post and more, click here.

Emily A. Clark

via EAC

Tour Emily’s home(s)

When learning more about an interior designer and blogger, it is always a great experience to take a peek inside their own abode. Emily A. Clark’s home certainly doesn’t disappoint! Replete with a range of impressive features, this stylista has given her home a personal touch, while contributing a sense of chic trendiness.

In the above image we are offered a taste of her age-defiant aesthetic, consequently boasting a sense of comfort and homeliness. Without feeling style-less or shabby the room is warm and delicate, while dramatically bold. As a mother herself, Emily aims to create interior spaces that are family friendly, therefore offering an inviting aura, and welcoming vibe.

If you would like to take a look at the interior of Emily’s (last) home, while viewing this dwelling in its entirety, follow the link here.

An Instagram account to inspire!

Our feature blogger article simply wouldn’t be complete without a look at a corresponding Instagram account. We love the above interior and its collection of striking furniture and accessories. The interior provides a dramatic ambience of on-trend chic style, while feeling achievable as well. Stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends and interior advice by checking out this truly exhilarating and uplifting digest of beautiful lifestyle related images.

We think Emily’s blog is pretty cool. Hope you did too. Get some more fabulous design tips, tricks and inspirations in next Thursday’s CoContest blogger session! Stay tuned…

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