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A chic living room makeover

July 19, 2016
living room makeover

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, somewhere in Connecticut, a family seeks to revamp their home with a living room makeover.

The issue with the house in Connecticut isn’t one of decay. Nope. In fact, the clients living room is as comfortable and open place as it gets. So, why the living room makeover? Well, at the core of each makeover rests an innate need to reshape a space into our own image.

In this case, the clients adoration for art becomes an important need that drives their mind to alter their living room into an art salon. Get ready then for some chic, elegant and unique designs.

Before we get to the designs, let’s see how the clients envision their living room makeover. Don’t forget to take notes and as always be inspired.

Before: comfortable, yet unsuited

living room makeover

It’s plainly obvious that the living room, prior to the makeover, is a place of comfort and elegance. Is that enough? We wouldn’t be here if it was.

We are avid proponents of having a space that fully expresses your self-image. It is one of the prerequisites of feeling like home. For the clients, their self image projects lots and lots of art. So, the living room makeover has to embrace that. Create a shrine for art pieces, while keeping its comfortable essence.

Also, before you get hands deep into a makeover, it is important to make a checklist between the items that will stay and the items that will go. That will save you some tears from throwing an irreplaceable sofa. And, of course, it will make you makeover a tat more economic. Keeping this in mind, the clients want to keep their large leather sofas. It would be a shame to see them out of the window, wouldn’t it?

Now, without any further ado, let’s move to the brilliant living room makeover ideas from the various contestants.

A messy balance

living room makeover

Wow. You probably have the same expression on your faces, as the clients did when they feast upon this incredible proposal. That would be a jaw dropping expression, of course.

Paula Godoy and Celia Cardona, create a messy balance with their living room makeover. What do we mean by that? Well, on first inspection the living room is still an open space, yet with a sitting arrangement that seems to anarchically positioned. Here comes the balance, though.

The tubular structure in the middle of the room acts like a curtain to split the area in two parts. Isn’t that awesome? The living room truly acquires the taste of an art exhibition with the spotlight tracks highlighting the paintings on the walls.

It’s no wonder Paula and Celia won the hearts of the clients with this unique proposal.

A beautiful assortment

living room makeover

Din’t we promise you a lot of chic designs? Decolite Design, are inspired by the embedded beauty of the living room so they create a space that is fully comfortable and irresistibly sophisticated.

It seems to spring out of a movie set. In fact, if you look closely, you can almost make out Johnny Depp playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on the piano in his new movie: The Solace of Beauty. OK. We just make that up. But, you have to admit, this living room makeover is exquisite.

Decolite, does’t follow the steps of our previous designers in creating a gallery feel with the painting arrangements, rather they spread them around. That helps in defining different zones in the newly formed art salon, which are dexterously interconnected. Still, the image of Johnny Depp playing Beethoven is enticing, right?

Simple and bright

fanmily room 4

If there is one thing constant in the designs of the contestants is the incorporation of the large leather sofas in their ideas. The similarities, pretty much, end there.

Marta Valente, in stern contrast with Johnny Depp’s movie set, embraces a simple living room. It’s simplicity, though, is deceptive. Marta, in essence, allows the clients to shift their living room according to their whims. At any given moment, the uninhibited space, can change with the simple movement of the furniture.

If the clients decide to have an freestyle poem contest in their living room, then this is the best set up to host it! Maybe, they can even bring a piano into the mix. As for their love for art, a little corner remains relatively free to take any sculpture, painting, or any other art piece.

Classic ambiance

living room makeover

Now, that’s some classic design. Marija Cveji focuses all her endeavors in this living room makeover to allow breathing space. With an already big room, that seems to be mundane. Well, don’t take anything on its facet.

The ambiance brings the best out of the classic decor, by showcasing its simplicity and giving to the furniture and art pieces a dynamic visual look. If you are a fun of classic interiors, then pay close attention to this proposal.

Also, given the multi-purpose persona of the living room, Marija decides that the lighting fixtures deserve a special treatment. She mixes wall and ceiling lights to enrich and support the art salon atmosphere.  Great stuff by Marija.

If you want to seem more awesome living room ideas then check our previous edition of this series: A New Apartment Receives An Incredible Living Room Transformation

Chic color palette

family room 6

Thus far, we have seen contestants focusing on furniture arrangements, the openness of space, the art and the lights. All important aspects of a makeover. But, there is one more aspect to be considered. Natasa Novitovicc turns her attention in the color palette of the living room makeover.

A chic and sophisticated decor needs to be supported by certain tints in order to bring the best of its character. For Natasa, this means a lavish exploitation of beige, black and grey. The motto is neutrality in colors. The paintings and art pieces will shine bright on those beige walls.

So, there you have it. 5 living room makeover ideas that turn an already comfy place into an awesome art salon. The clients from Connecticut sought to bring their place closer to themselves and we are confident the designers and architects of CoContest delivered the goods. What do you think?

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