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Beautifying Linoleum: Remodelling Tips

July 23, 2016
beautifying linoleum

Welcome back, CoContesters, to our regular Saturday remodelling sessions, featuring more fabulous design advice for you to confidently update your home. Last week, we took a look at how to choose update, plan and design a stylish utility room but today, we’ll be taking a good, thorough glance at the ins and outs of beautifying linoleum.

beautifying linoleum

via DGS Flooring

Linoleum vs. vinyl

Before we begin it is important to know the type of floor you actually have in your home. Linoleum is often confused with vinyl flooring, although the two are quite different in their composition and makeup.


First up we look at linoleum, a.k.a. ‘lino’. This is a natural material that has been around for over 150 years. Comprised of linseed oil, wood or cork powder and ground stone, it is recyclable, sustainable and versatile flooring option.


Unlike lino, vinyl flooring has been around since the 1980s and is comprised of manmade PVC chips that are formed into solid sheets. Easy to clean and easy to install, vinyl flooring is inexpensive and not as easily recyclable as linoleum.

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beautifying linoleum

via Carpet Right

So your home has linoleum floors…

Don’t despair! There are plenty of wonderful ways you can spruce up your lino. Generally linoleum and vinyl/PVC flooring is glued to the underfloor surface, meaning it can be difficult to add a new floor, and retaining a linoleum surface is the best option.

Although most people associate lino with gaudy 50s and 60s kitchens, this interesting material is actually extremely hardwearing, antibacterial and purportedly non-allergenic.

What do you think of this bright and interesting lino? See it in its entirety here.

beautifying linoleum

via A Beautiful Mess

What are some solutions to beautifying linoleum?

The best solution is generally to clean and repair you lino. Easily performed at home, call in the professionals if you are time poor. Having your linoleum thoroughly scrubbed and refinished will immediately bright it back to a desirable state, while also prolonging its life. If however, you are tired of the colour of finish you might want to consider the following:

  • Replacement. The most costly solution, consequently adding value and a new more desirable aesthetic to your home.
  • Painting. If you paint the lino correctly this can be an interesting option, while also offering the possibility of adding patterns and colours.

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beautifying linoleum

via Murafloor

Benefits of lino

Benefits of linoleum are surprisingly far reaching:

  • Durability. Linoleum is by far one of the most durable floors, while offering low maintenance and a hard-wearing material for high traffic areas of the home.
  • Colour Since lino is dyed throughout, you can be sure it won’t fade or dull over time, consequently providing timelessness.
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot. Comfy for walking on and easy for wheelchairs, while also offering a quiet surface for a noise free home.
  • Eco-friendly. Manufactured from renewable resources, lino is environmentally friendly, while being able to be recycled at the end of its life.
  • Waterproof. Clean spills extremely easily, while also ensuring the moisture doesn’t seep into the underfloor surface.

If you fancy the bright design above, check it out via Liverpool-based Murafloor.

beautifying linoleum

via Emily Henderson

A few neat ideas

Whether your flooring is lino or vinyl, there are plenty of ideas to beautify and improve its appearance.

Consider peel and stick tiles to add to the top of your floor. These look fabulous, and are extremely cheap, in addition to being simple to install. You might also consider adding new sheet flooring over the top. This is an easy way to start beautifying linoleum, while providing personalisation of your own interior design. As we mentioned earlier, painting vinyl or lino flooring is a suitable and easy update option, consequently offering the floor a new lease on life.

What do you think of the example above? Check it out in full here.


beautifying linoleum

Tarkett via End of the Roll

Commonly made mistakes

As with all domestic projects, ensure you undertake you task with care and precision. Consult a professional if in doubt, while remembering to choose a design that suits your desired ambience and atmosphere.

Do you like the design above? Check it out here.

Did this article encourage you to engage in beautifying linoleum and vinyl flooring within your home. Come back next Saturday on CoContest for more inspiring interior tips!

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