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The Summer Bedroom: Creating a Serene Space

July 25, 2016
summer bedroom

Hey there once again CoContesters, time for another dose of summer decorating magic. Last week we took a look at gorgeous sunny hues, and this Monday we’ll focus our attention on how to update your sleeping space, and create the ultimate summer bedroom!

So, without further ado, read on below as we shed some light on a few super simple ways to update your sleeping space this summer. You don’t need to completely re-jig and renovate your room, chances are a few changes will be all it takes to invite in the sunshine this season. Check out our tips below and boost your room’s warm weather flair!

summer bedroom

Workstead via In/Out

Let there be light!

First things first, you are going to want to let in the sunshine. The warm rays of the sunlight will warm your room, while also providing a stylishly illuminated ambience. But how can one improve the light within their bedroom?

The solution is simple really, all you need to do is ensure your windows aren’t obscured, consequently bringing in plenty of glimmering light. Remove any heavy curtains and replace them with sheer or light coloured alternatives, in addition to ensuring blinds are open and opening aren’t covered by furniture.

Do you like the bedroom above? If you would like to see the entire space, click the link here.

summer bedroom

Douglas Friedman via Vogue Living

Go tropical with your decorating and scheme

Why not implement a summery tropical vibe within your new bedroom? Create a domestic oasis by employing striking yet tranquil aesthetics and decorative elements, while evoking an opulent Caribbean aura.

Look for pastel hues, indoor plants, colonial-esque accessories and furniture, along with plenty of bright accessories and accoutrements.

Fancy a fabulous escape to sleep in a stunning bedroom such as this? You can check out the full resort here, or book a room at Playa Grande Beach Club.

summer bedroom

via Toby Scott

Choose sumptuous yet breathable linen

Undeniably one of the most important factors within a bedroom , bed linen is crucial to a summer-ready sleeping space. Choose a lightweight fabric that will breath, while also replacing your heavy winter quilt with a subtle, sleek and sumptuous alternative.

This bedroom makes us want to snuggle up for a serene night’s rest! If you would like to check out more, head to Toby Scott and take a peek at his incredible interior images.

summer bedroom

via Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Create a serene, tranquil and restful space

These days bedrooms are more than simply an area to sleep. Add a cosy and restful living space within your large bedroom, while creating an additional area to read, nap and enjoy the summer sun.

Add statement making armchairs, a stylish side table and plenty of fresh summery blooms to complete your room, and add a comfy, usable and desirable space.

This is unquestionably one of our favourite bedroom spaces! See the dwelling in its entirety here, while gaining a few handy domestic ideas and inspiration.

summer bedroom

via Interior Patio

Maximise your florals

Florals simply scream summer! Add floral print decorations, textiles and more, while providing your sleeping space a stylish summery vibe. These days there are plenty of different floral designs from modern to retro, choose one that tickles your design fancy, and implement it with confidence.

What do you think of this bright floral bedroom design? Check out more here.

We hope that our summer bedroom ideas got your creative decorating juices flowing! For more fab summer tips and tricks, stay tuned next Monday!

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