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Prepare your Garden for Summer: Decorating Tips

August 8, 2016
prepare your garden for summer

Hi fellow CoContesters, and welcome to another dose of Monday’s summer decorating inspiration. Last week we took a look at creating the ultimate in summer dining inspiration, while today we’ll be taking a peek at how to prepare your garden for summer, and get the most out of it this fine season!

As the mercury soars early August, one of the most popular activities is all about getting up from beneath that layer of winter gloom and heading out into the sun. If you are lucky enough to own a garden, balcony or terrace space, you will no doubt be able to pick up a few ideas in the stylish images below. So read on, and get inspired to create an enjoyable outdoor experience.

prepare your garden for summer

via Tricoya

Plant plenty of colourful blooms and creeping vines

In order for your summer garden to really stun, allure and appeal, you need to ensure you have a good range of greenery. Head to your local nursery and speak to a professional to get the right advice, while choosing a selection of well-matched varieties.

When chatting to your local gardener or horticulturalist, consider the following to prepare your garden for summer:

  • Florals. One of the first things when considering a summer garden, florals look magnificent, while providing a burst of life to your outdoor area.
  • Blooming shrubs. Perennials and annuals aren’t the only plants that provide glorious colour in your summer garden. Choose flowering shrubs and bushes that add fabulous scent and colour to your space.
  • Perennials and annuals. Generally these bulbs require planting and replanting each season, consequently providing wonderfully bright blooms. Additionally, there are plenty of varieties that bloom late summer and early autumn (fall), ensuring your space remains colourful and vibrant.
  • Evergreens. Don’t want to loose your plant over winter? Choose evergreen shrubs and plants that will look great in planters no matter what season.

Designed by acclaimed landscape architect Hay Joung Hwang, the above garden can be viewed here.

prepare your garden for summer

via At Number 67

Keep your tools well organised

As well as organising your planting, furniture and different spaces in your garden, it is also crucial you consider your gardening tools and Instruments. Swedish ceramist Elin Lannsjö knows how to keep things wonderfully chic (and organised), with a beautiful vintage cupboard that simply screams character and charm!

Plan and prepare your garden for summer utilising interesting pieces of furniture, while ensuring the space is still efficient and usable.

Do you just love this Scandinavian styled garden? Check out the full home tour via At No.67.

prepare your garden for summer

via Amara


Accessories are extremely important when designing a summer garden. If you don’t have any furniture for your garden, throw a picnic instead, while investing in a good basket and rug to complete the event. Look at adding the following accessories to your summer-ready garden:

  • A barbecue.
  • Fancy drinkware.
  • A bar trolley.
  • Throw cushions and rugs.
  • A waterproof picnic rug.
  • A picnic basket, filled with all the requisite necessities.
  • Lanterns, candles and lights.

If you would like to see some of the above accessories, head to Amara and check out the full range.

prepare your garden for summer

Winnie Au for EyeSwoon

Get creative with your dining options

Summer is all about entertaining, and there is no better place to gather your friends than in the garden. Make the most of warm summer nights, enhance your designing repertoire and take a peek at the gorgeous example above.

Prepare your garden for summer by getting creative with your outdoor dining options. In the above image we see how the host has thought outside the box to build an alluring and enchanting area to socialise and eat. Since the rain has (hopefully) halted by early August, it is the perfect time to bring some unneeded furniture from inside, out. This will give the impression of a wonderfully luxurious space, in addition to offering comfort and cosiness.

Want to see more of this fabulously bohemian dinner party? Head over to EyeSwoon to check out the full collection of images.

prepare your garden for summer

via Fine Little Day

And if you don’t have a garden?

No garden? Never fear, we’ve got the perfect solution to your lack of foliage and greenery! These brilliant transparent frames from Fine Little Day are the perfect way to impart some stylish frondescent fun, while offering your home a sense of nature and serenity.

If you like what you see, check out the full range here.

Are you ready to head from the confines of your home out into the garden? We hope that we provided a few handy tips and stylish tips! Stay tuned next week for more fab summer solutions!

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