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Motives at work: awesome rooftop office designs!

August 9, 2016
rooftop office

Welcome back to another awesome edition of the contest series. Today, we are joining a CEO’s journey to create the most productive environment for his company with a rooftop office.

It is true, that one of the most persistent setback in the office life is the lack of motivation offered by the surrounding environment. Working 40 to 60 hours per week, in the enclosure of 4 white walls with the view of grey buildings, can be daunting. Well, imagine then working in a rooftop office.

The amenities the immediate environment offers, are brimming with potential to create a space that can be felt as a home from the people composing the company.  Consequently, this will spike productivity levels of the roof. (no pun intended). It follows the mantra of the new age which perceives people as the backbone of any enterprise and success is hinged on their motives. Happy people are a lot more productive.

Let’s see then how the client envisions his rooftop office. Don’t forget to take notes, and as always be inspired.

Before: full of potential

rooftop office


While the rooftop office space seems to be a remnant of the industrial revolution a century ago, its potential is undeniably evident. There is enough room to fit an open co-working space for a whole football team, two distinct offices and, of course, a couple of conference rooms.

Well, at least this is how the CEO envisions the decaying penthouse to transform. As for outdoors, a decked floor with waterproof furniture would be perfect. Of course, if the contestants are creative enough to add a water element, then it will be highly considered. Trust us, they are.

Let’s see then how the contestants convert the old and gaunt penthouse into an amazing rooftop office.

Outside: the zen factor

rooftop office

OK. So, you are having a tough day.  Clients are unresponsive and uncooperative, giving you a headache that can be felt by a couple of following generations slamming the phone. Wouldn’t it be great to disentangle from the bad day on this rooftop?

Nikolas Karas creates a zen outer space for the would be office, filled with furniture that promise idle hours of comfort. However, the most noticeable, and by extent the most jaw dropping factor in Nicola’s proposal, is the large hot tub. Just take a breath and imagine having a meeting whilst the bubbles of the hot water tingle your body.

We believe there is nothing more left to say.

Outside: the decked floor

rooftop office

While a hot tub is a contraption devised by God to relax even the most tense employees, the outer area needs a public part. This section can, and will most definitely, be enjoyed by the whole company simultaneously.

So, Andrea Reina, decides to dress this area in a decked floor, creating a tier stand. Of course, with the sun looming hot above the California sky, the public part of the rooftop office needs a certain amount of protection. While the options of tents and umbrellas are up for grasp, Andrea decides to indulge uniqueness.

She covers the patio with a Plexiglas roof, allowing the sun to shine without having little alternative, while the employees can submerge in its healing energy. Careful, though, as too much healing can leave you with a rose burn that, too, can be felt by a couple of following generations.

The main office: a glass unison

rooftop office

Is there any real reason for the CEO to be enclosed in a cement office, distinct physically and emotionally from his colleagues? Not really, if you ask us. Well, actually, there are a few reasons and most of them don’t have a happy ending.

For this very reason, Studio FM, allows the main office to be visible from any corner with glass walls. It builds up an environment of trust and zest. The plant life that is widespread in the rooftop office space also fosters this dynamic environment.

If you are going to leave with something from our visual tour in the soul of modern enterprises, then it should be that plant life is essential in augmenting the experience of the office life.

Co-working space: wooden brilliance

rooftop office

In comparison to the dying spawn of the industrial revolution, which was the penthouse prior nature, this is truly a heaven. A wooden heaven, to be exact.

Arredamento E. Dintorni puts two large desks that can sit up to 10 people a piece. The desks speak about the very nature of the working space that clenches on collaboration as one of the main attributes of success. Oh, of course, the wooden material are not without purpose.

Wood is a natural and rich material that creates a comfortable setting. Much, much better than the white tiled floors so usually employed by city companies.

Conference room: private luxury

rooftop office

You can’t really have an office space without a conference room. Although the nature of the rooftop office offers an array of impromptu spaces to throw a conference meeting, a dedicated place is as important as the hot tub.

In Lucas Brown mind, the conference room must be a private entity, allowing the members of the meeting to free fall into a brainstorming without many distractions. The white bricked surroundings of the conference area allow full on concentration. Of course, to diffuse the enclosure, Lucas adds a skylight above the conference desk. The desk is as lush as they come.

Hey, a rooftop office calls for some luxury.

Conference room #2: open simplicity

rooftop office

Of course, setting up your conference room between walls is not the only way to go about it. Just ask Francesca-Guidetti. She decides to convey the intimacy needed for a conference meeting with a wooden false ceiling and a shelving structure that, peculiarly, takes up lockers.

The colorful array of chairs and the naked pendants are playful components of the conference room. Who said you can’t have fun while trying to close down that 100 megawatt deal?

The chill out: industrial vibes

rooftop office

After a long conference meeting, though, with brains overburden, it seems quite evident that a rest will commence. While the rooftop office offers an outer platform specifically designed for this purpose, there should be an interior chill out area. You know, for that much needed 5 minute pause of any device needed for monitoring work, including the brain.

Pranvera Avdija, then, creates a chill out area that plays a homage to the industrial origins of the rooftop office.  The chill out remains open to the office, equipped with rustic furniture and thus denoting its primary purpose. A quick escape.

The kitchen: a quintessential aspect

rooftop kitchen

Finally, any modern enterprise that appreciates its backbone will set up a kitchen. Specifically, when your are working in a rooftop office, getting lunch can be quite the tedious exercise. Especially, when you have a whole roof area at your leisure.

Also, the kitchen needs not to be boring. Raffaella Di Benedetto, for this matter, imagines a small kitchen, in the recharging green tint, with all the modern comforts. It even tells you the time in 4 different cities. Can you ask for anymore?

So, there you have it. The office experience is, by default, dependable on the surrounding environment. The better the space, the better will be the employees. We can tell you with absolute certainty, the client of today’s contest will have a bunch of highly motivated colleagues.

Oh, and if you haven’t check our previous edition of this series, it’s time you change that: A 50’s villa gets a ground floor transformation. 

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