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ITALIANBARK: Today’s Feature Blog

August 11, 2016
Italian Bark

Hi there once again CoContesters and design hunters! We are privileged to welcome you back this fine August morning for another brilliant CoContest feature blogger. Last Thursday we took a peek at the vibrant Olympic stylings of 5 different feature bloggers, while this week we’re following up one inspirational individual behind the popular blog and website: ITALIANBARK (IB).

If you require some handy hints and tips to decorate and renew the interior of your abode, ITALIANBARK definitely has something for you!


via IB

Meet Elisabetta…

As a Venice trained architect and interior designer, Elisabetta’s blog is unquestionably replete with a range of top notch design ideas, tips and tricks. Drawing on experience in both residential and commercial projects, with an added passion for graphic design and photography, ITALIANBARK is a design aficionado’s holy grail!

A self-confessed laugh-a-holic, Elisabetta began her blog and website almost three years ago with the aim to provide a thorough collection of work, travel and design ideas. An avid adventurer and city explorer, the website features a range of gorgeously collated spaces, sorted in unconventional yet user-friendly ways.

Currently residing in the countryside between Venice and the Alps, ITALIANBARK is inspiring, interesting, and a feast for the senses. To learn more, click here.


makleri via IB

Making your life easier, with inspirational home decor ideas

Elisabetta is practical; she knows how to plan, design and create a functional space. Because of this, her blog has been organised into different search styles.

  • Firstly, you can search via colour. This allows you to pick from a range of different hues, consequently finding interior inspiration based on your chosen shades.
  • Secondly, you can search via city, location or style. Perhaps you like Italian interiors? Or maybe you want something eclectic? Either way, there are plenty of solutions to your home decorating issues, in addition to plenty of stylish examples.

Are you having trouble with your home office design? If you like what you see in the above image, check out the article in full, while gleaning some tips and tricks for your own abode.


via IB

Check out interiors from all over the world!

For most of us, holidays occur once a year, when we finally get to throw off the shackles of a hectic 9 to 5 and head to an exotic destination (at the time of writing, IB was reporting from Penang, Malaysia). For Elisabetta, it is her job and her life. Offering an envy-worthy selection of stunning Italian interiors close to her own home, to alluring and desirable holiday destinations, she certainly has the world covered.

We took a particular liking to the gorgeous design hotel above. Located in Puglia, it is a minimalist dream, with a range of spectacular ideas for every room of your home. If you would like to check it out in full, follow the link here.


Elisabetta Rizzato via IB

Emphasis on good design and quality 

For Elisabetta, good design means quality design, which is consequently shown through many of her feature posts. This location in the Algarve area is a wonderful demonstration of that fact, providing a sense of historic respect to the original building, while updating it for contemporary life.

Do you like this impressive Portuguese dwelling? Check it out in full here.

Follow Elisabetta and her regular design inspo!

Do you like what you see in the above Instagram post? As always, our feature blogger has an exciting, engaging and interesting social media stream to follow. Grab some ideas, while planning your next interior makeover, and up your dose of style motivation today!

If you would like to check out more gorgeous images, in addition to plucking a couple of domestic design solutions for your abode, follow the link here.

Like what you see? Stay tuned next week for another fabulous, inspiring and colourful feature blogger! 

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