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Bring the Beach Indoors: Summer Design Tips

August 15, 2016
bring the beach indoors

Hi folks, and welcome back to another dose of Monday’s summer decorating inspiration. Last week we took a look at preparing your garden for summer, while today we’ll be taking a peek at how to bring the beach indoors, with some creative coastal interior ideas.

What is it about the beach that we love so much? For many it is the sun, it is the sand, and it is the essence of summer. Let’s face it, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as witnessing the rip-roaring power of salty waves crashing upon the shoreline. Whether you are a self-confessed beach-a-holic, or more of an indoor person, there is something delightful about the coastal charm of seaside locations. The beach brings people together, and it often symbolises the beginning of a festive and fun-filled summer season.

Paying homage to this wonderful time of year, we’ve decided to take a look at how you can bring the beach to you, by imparting a few wonderfully coastal aesthetics into your abode.

Read on below to learn more, while assembling a few tips from the impressive examples!

bring the beach indoors

via Architectural Digest

Focus on the little thing, with the big picture in mind…

Three words: attention to detail. When decorating your home to represent a certain aesthetic or ambience, you need to focus on detail, while ensuring you have the overall vision for your space.

To provide an example, we’ve chosen Christie Brinkley’s incredible Hamptons mansion—which is at the time of writing, is on sale for a cool US$29.5 Mil.

This ocean side home boasts plenty of beachy features, while the overall scheme is tranquil, luxurious and serene. Consider rustic timber wall panelling, paired with thick timber floorboards that mimic something you might find as you wander down a jetty. In addition, furniture is light, comfy and sturdy.

If you’d like to tour this home in its entirety (and be completely overwhelmed with jealousy!), follow the link here, and grab a few ideas for your own abode.

bring the beach indoors

via Decobizz

Accessorise with items from the sea

Accessories can really make or break a space, when to bring the beach indoors, you need to accessorise correctly. Look for items that rouse you, pieces that are interesting or unique, and ensure they fit into your overall plan.

We adore this gorgeous bathroom example, which boasts a collection of starfish, as well as a rustic vintage vibe, with a beautiful freestanding tub. Check it out here.

bring the beach indoors

via Stockholm Vitt

Embrace serenity in the city

Just because you reside in the city, doesn’t mean you cannot embrace the beauty of the beach. Bring the beach indoors by incorporating timber tones and earthy hues, in addition to plenty of maritime inspired trimmings. This contemporary space imparts plenty of beach aesthetics, while combining them in a sleek and chic package.

Tranquil and serene, the room utilises a warm grey hue for its minimalist joinery, while the whitewashed timber flooring is perfectly coastal.

Like what you see? Check out the full dwelling here.

bring the beach indoors

via Blackband Home & Design

Beautiful bedroom tranquillity

Along the same lines of tranquillity and serenity, this beautiful bedroom boasts nautical inclusions, while a romantic ambience fills the air. To bring the beach indoors, the designers of this space have employed seaside blue hues, and raw rustic timber adornments. A woven mat works as the rug, while impressive flowing white curtains bedeck the four-poster bed.

Does this room inspire you? Take a peek at the entire home here.

bring the beach indoors

via Maus Architektur

Go colourful with art, as well as a bright palette

Truly embracing the beauty of the seaside, this pastel mint room bursts with character and verve. Located in Sylt, northern Germany, this home is minimalist, focusing its energy on the powerful use of colour.

In addition, an artwork depicts the surrounding beach landscape, adding the final icing on the decorative cake.

What do you think of this bright green bedroom? If you would like to see the other colours the designers employed, within other areas of this dwelling, check it out here.

Are you ready to hit the beach? Stay tuned next week for more interior inspiration!

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