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A ruin transforms with incredible office design ideas!

August 16, 2016
office design ideas

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we are going to continue our exploration of the corporate world with some irresistible office design ideas.

We have discussed in the previous edition the importance of abstaining from mundane designs in an office space, as a mean of fostering incentives for the employees. If you have missed it, then we highly recommend you change that: Motives at work: Awesome rooftop office designs. In today’s contest, we are turning our focus on functional, fun and phenomenal office design ideas for larger teams.

The client wants to create a collaborative environment for his company that can take up to 30 people. Oh, and we believe it is crucial to mention that the client is an architectural firm. So, their needs are picked with diligence and expertise.  Its name; JTCPL Designs.

Let’s see then how JTCPL imagines their new headquarters. Don’t forget to take notes and as always be inspired.

Before: an abandoned ruin

office design ideas

OK. So, if you take out of the equation that this resembles the perfect hideout for shady exchanges of the intoxicated kind, its potential brims out of every ruined pore.

The client wants to create an open space that will enable the colleagues to work in unison. The lack of visual obstacles and walls in this state of the soon to be office is quite helpful for designing an open space. Also, the client encourages the pros of CoContest to include in their office design ideas a spectacular relax area. A conference room is a must, as well.

The attempts to reshape this shady place into a motivating office will conclude with the design of the Principal’s Architects crib.

This were the main requirements of this contest, which had to be followed word by word. We are dealing with experts of the craft anyway, so any unwanted diversion wouldn’t be so easily brushed off. On that note, let’s take a visual tour on the office space designs of our pros. And, just a little preview; they are quite irresistible.

The relax area: a functional setting

office design ideas

We decided to start our tour with the most important facet of an office space. No, we are not talking about the exit door.

Work, in whatever form, takes a lot out of an individual. Especially, when we are talking about 60-70 hour work weeks. As this tends to tense mentally and physically any individual, it falls to reason at some point the body will need to be recharged. Hence, here comes the relax zone.

Signup Architects, for this matter, create a zone full of visual stimuli that massage the brain after a tiring work session. The use of yellow is, by no means, coincidental. As the lightest hue of the spectrum, it emits cheerfulness and happiness. Oh, and least we forget, the white walls, shift and shape a coherent barrier with the adjoining room. You know, for that extra touch of privacy when you are stranded at 22:00 o’clock in the office.

The relax area #2: the green element

office design ideas

Deploying green plants in the interior decor of any space is uplifting. There are quite a few research endeavors that concluded plant life is good for the body and soul.

Gorica Vuckovic, then, decides to add the a few creeping plants in her office design ideas. They are quite suitable for the relaxing zone. Most importantly though, Gorica, installs a TV set. In offices with a wide range of personas, it is bound to find a few renegade souls that work better with the static sounds produced by a TV.

Or, they can simply get a glimpse of the Olympics 100 meter dash final and forget that they are, in fact, working while the world celebrates the summer. In any case, we like to call this a win-win situation.

The open working space: smart and practical

office design ideas

Let’s leave the relax areas at bay for now and take on the open working space. If you recall, it used to be the case that an open office space was designed with one view in mind. That is to be as uncomfortable and uninspired it can be. How else, then, can you describe the cubicles?

That’s why Linear Project takes a modern approach for the open space. Their office design ideas include an array of comfortable chairs that superimposes a green shelf complex to produce a highly creative environment. It gives a raw industrial feel, with some refined aesthetics. The bricked wall, for example, brakes the banality of being surrounded by white walls in an office space.

Also, in the era of digitization, everything an architect needs can be found in a single computer, which creates an uncanny and unseen economy of space.

The architect’s office: a modern lavishness

office design ideas

We have seen thus far, the office design ideas to explore the breakout zone of the firm and the open working area. All of them combined, dexterously we should add, functionality with aesthetics to create a stunning working environment.

And we shall continue with the same fashion, with the Principal’s Architect’s crib. Let’s be honest, climbing the pecking order of the architectural world carries a lot of perks. One of them, is to have your own, extra large, office.

Andrea Andrich, gives this cabin a very special treatment. It has the feel of an urban loft, merging together the functions of work and home. On the far back, the office function springs to life with metallic tones, while a sophisticated living room is defined by an arrangement of spectacular couches.

Can you even imagine that this used to be a shady place for misfits of the underground world?

The conference room: a pop element

office design ideas

Finally, our visual tour to the fantastic world of office design ideas, reaches its summit with a room that is usually underestimated. Obviously, we are referring to the conference room.

Usually (and we mean almost always) the conference room is just a few desks pulled together for the company to start a session of brainstorming. However, this simple practice neglects to calculate the surrounding environment as a pivotal element in producing unique ideas.

Leave it up to Ellen Septiane, though, and she will create an awesome conference room. Exposed brick walls are dressed with pop references, an uncut wooden table is supported by a metallic frame and a few conduit pipes showcase the industrial feels of her design. This is a room to build the new version of our world.

So, there you have it. The office design ideas by our pros have reshaped the abandoned ruin into an inviting architectural working space. We hope, for all of you architects out there, to work one day in space like this.


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