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A duplex apartment renovation for the ages!

August 23, 2016
duplex apartment renovation

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we travel to Italy to witness an incredible duplex apartment renovation. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be an awesome ride.

It feels prudent to define the duplex apartment as a home with a split personality. Two parts assemble to create a unique whole. You can imagine, then, the designing potential of a duplex apartment renovation. That is, without any doubt, the prime advantage of such an apartment. Life, will never get boring. Well, at least in an interior design perspective.

However, in this contest we will draw our attention to only one personality of the duplex apartment. Specifically, the attic that is embedded in one of the floors. We will marvel on how the attic is reshaped into a sophisticated heaven for the most exquisite family gatherings.

So, without any further ado, lets check out the clients needs. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

Before: a building of the old

duplex apartment renovation

The facade of the building is not an apt indication of the duplex apartment’s condition. It’s a remnant of more purest times, where the designing endeavors went beyond the simplicity of square blocks.

The apartment thought is tormented by an 80’s decorative interior. So, the client wants to alter this personality by dipping into the 900 year’s of designing history brimming from the surrounding area. The two apartments are merged at the 4th and 5th floor, which is quite the advantage for the client. If you could recall the movie “Duplex”, then avoiding a deviously angelic neighbor on the upper floor is much welcomed.

In relation to the attic, the client’s demands are quite straightforward. Avoid, at any cost, anything minimalist. The attic is groomed to become a social hub for the duplex which means a fair amount of furniture arrangements. Finally, given that the attic is on the 5th floor, a corner terrace is another element that is much welcomed in the designing efforts of CoContest pros.

The rules of the contest are set and the games are on. Let’s feast on the spectacular visions of different designers and architects.

The living room: bright elegance

duplex apartment renovation

What happens when you combine natural light with the sophistication of bricked walls and wood? Well, this happens.

Marco Galli‘s take on the duplex apartment renovation introduces to the attic a set of skylines that overflow it with natural light. It creates a certain amount of ambiance in the attic, which negates the possibility of clutter. You know, for those family gatherings that end up creating a post-apocalyptic war zone in the living room.

To further this ambiance even more, Marco installs two shelving complexes on the naked walls. These storing heavens merge organisational efficiency with decorative shrewdness.

Oh, and least we forget, check out those wooden beams that accentuate on the ceiling. Aren’t they spectacular? Yes, they are.

The dining room: a touch of class

duplex apartment renovation

Installing skylights is not the only way to get the most of an attic shaped floor. No, it’s not. Just ask Decolite Design.

In their duplex apartment renovation idea, a glass wall allows sunlight to pour in the room uninhibited and unhinged. You can’t ask for more. It’s always good to remember that bricks and mortar are not your only options when it comes to erecting walls. Of course, if you are cursed with the mark of clumsiness, then maybe the fragility of glass might become an expensive mistake.

In any case, what sets apart apart this proposal is the dining table. While by itself is a touch of class above the rest, its position is remarkably ingenious. Just take a moment to appreciate how it overlooks the outside world, while you are having a king size breakfast.

The terrace: a serene place

duplex apartment renovation

OK. So, as far as the interior goes, the duplex apartment renovation ideas meet the clients demands. It takes most of its influences from sophistication, rather than modernity and minimalism.

Beyond the interior though, the attic, being on the top floor of the building, offers a unique opportunity to create a terrace. And, Marija Cveji, has a few things to say about this space in her duplex apartment renovation proposal.

The most important facet of a terrace lies in its distinction from the interior space. If, for example, you are caught in frustrations with the other half of the apartment (or the noisy neighbor) then it can become a peaceful sanctuary of reflection. That’s why Marija makes sure to combine comfortable furniture with plant life. Plants are, by far, the best way to create a relaxing environment.

Terrace #2: practical simplicity

duplex apartment renovation

Of course, the amount of things one can do in the terrace decor are firmly attached to the available space. The bigger it is, the more freedom there is in adding elements. In case, though, the terrace suffers from a lack of square feet then its decor needs a different approach.

That’s why Antonio Capasso dresses the corner terrace with a single couch. It allows the space to breathe, thus staying true to its intended purpose as a sanctuary. When it comes to small terraces, the mantra less is more fully applies.

So, there you have it. The duplex apartment renovation ideas balance between similar ideologies. That is, of course, the faithfulness to the epoch style environment surrounding the building. Classiness meets with functionality to bring the duplex apartment renovation as close as it can get to the clients needs. Oh, and we are sure that if a stubborn neighbor does exist, those terraces will be a heaven on earth.

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