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Selecting Schemes: Remodelling Tips

August 27, 2016
selecting schemes

Happy Saturday, CoContesters, and welcome back to our regular remodelling sessions! This week we are featuring some dazzling design advice for you to elegantly update your home. Last week, we took a look at 5 inexpensive bathroom remodels, while today we’ll be checking out some information surrounding selecting schemes for your dwelling.

Of course, these 5 examples below only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to selecting schemes, but should help give you an idea of what to look for, and how to implement the style. Read on to learn more, and start redecorating your home today!

selecting schemes

via Haus Interior


Minimalism is a term we hear a lot in the interior design world. Dating back to post World War II Western art, this pared-back style is synonymous with clean stylistic choices and simple aesthetics. With a strong Japanese influence, a minimal scheme or theme for your home is always a sophisticated choice.

When implementing minimalism in your home, pick items that have a significant presence, while opting for functionality in a neat and uncomplicated package. In addition, many opt for light hues such as white, but minimal interiors can also work extremely well by incorporating darker colours and shades.

Take some cues from the above example, and check out the full home refurbishment here.

selecting schemes

via Room for a Pony


A rejection of minimalism, maximalism is a step in the opposite direction. Perfect for those who enjoy colourful, lively and energetic spaces, while also feeling bubbly and vivacious, a maximalist interior is sure to impress.

The key to success with maximalism is actually very similar to minimalism. You need to pick each individual element with thoughtfulness and consideration, slowly adding piece by piece until you achieve your designed aesthetic. The maximalist interiors that often feel cluttered and shabby, are those that do not clarify their balance and overload the interior with too many ornaments, decorations and accessories.

Like what you see in the above living room? Check out more here.

selecting schemes

via You Queen


Scandinavian design is a timeless and wonderful aesthetic, which can work well in almost all homes. Recognised from around the 1950s, this simple and uncomplicated style offers a vast and eclectic range of options, sure to enhance and enlighten. Symbolised by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism, Scandinavian interior style has made a global mark on the world of design, while bringing a Nordic touch to many homes.

Selecting schemes can be difficult, but remember to choose neutral hues, warm timber accents, natural or organic elements, and plenty of natural light for a modest and fashionable approach.

We love the setup in the above image, check out more Scandinavian spaces by following the link here.

Selecting schemes

via Apartment No. 4


When selecting schemes for your home’s interior, it is important to look to the surrounding landscape to evoke a style and aesthetic. However, implementing the opposite to what you see can also present interesting design features, and enhance your dwelling tenfold. Currently on-trend is tropical designed interiors. Featuring a range of frondescent and fabulous foliage prints, this style evokes a sense of lush luxury and opulent old-world charm.

Look at wallpapers, wall tattoos, murals and plenty of indoor plants to achieve this style in your own home, in addition to working with darker hues, and vividly bright colours.

This above living space is a great example of elegant tropical style, check it out here!

selecting schemes

via a&h Architecture


Stylised by lavish and luxuriously sophisticated spaces, Colonial design is an age-defiant scheme to suit many dwellings. Exceptionally popular in the first half of the 20th century, Colonial interiors have made a comeback with their pared-back elegance and desirable refinement.

Think about introducing different textures into your home’s style, while working with ethnic accessories and artworks. Due to the wide-ranging British Colonial Empire, which expanded into parts of India, Asia, Africa, North America, and the South Pacific, there is a seemingly endless array of different options and stylistic choices.

Take some cues from this simple and elegant Colonial designed lounge, while updating your abode with style and sophistication.

Want more? Stay tuned next Saturday to see more fabulous remodelled interiors!

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