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A magnificent rooftop apartment renovation!

August 30, 2016
rooftop apartment renovation

As Richard and Camilla sunset into their fifties, it became apparent that half a century of life needed to be coined with something magnificent. Well, after rigorous thought, it occurred to the couple what they needed was a change in lifestyle. That is, a complete rooftop apartment renovation.

In today’s edition of the contest series, then, we will observe the life changing alteration of Camilla’s and Richard’s apartment. As you already figured out, their apartment dances among the neighboring roofs, overlooking at the picturesque Milan scene. Which means, that their rooftop apartment renovation will include the transformation of a terrace, among many others. So, get ready for some spectacular, dear we say magnificent, renovation designs by the pros of CoContest.

Without any further ado, let’s dig into the rooftop apartment renovation ideas of our designers and architects. Oh, don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

Master bedroom: elegant heaven

rooftop apartment renovation

OK. So, if you are an antique fiend, like our friend Richard, a room that tip toes between wooden furnishings and sophisticated elements is a heaven made on Earth. Well, if we want to be more specific, is a heaven designed by Francesca Guidetti.

Francesca, also, combines the impressiveness of the natural material with practicality. The wall behind the bed merges magnificently (get used to the word, as we will employ it quite often on this contest), with the rest of the room. This connection is superimposed by shelves that act as storing and display units for the finest of antiques.

Throw in a golden bird cage in the mixture and you get an awesome (or, magnificent) master bedroom. We would advice against placing a bird in that cage, unless you’re fond of awful smells as a wake up call. Not to mention, the imprisonment of the little creature.

Bathroom: white beauty

rooftop apartment renovation

Richard and Camilla live in their apartment in the absence of any children. While children do breath an active life into a place, sometimes it can get radioactive. So, during this absence the couple has the opportunity to explore a variety of interior options.

Jovana Stojkovic, for example, indulges the sterility of white in her rooftop apartment renovation ideas. The bathtub sits next to a shower curtain and both are dressed with beautiful white tiles. However, the most impressive aspect of Jovana’s design is the way natural light interacts with artificial light.

As with any room, the lighting elements of the bathroom play an important role in augmenting its experience. Can you imagine having a quick shower in the dark? To avoid any unwelcome accidents, then, Jovana utilizes the rooftop element of the apartment by installing a skylight above the bathtub.

Simply, you guess it, magnificent.

The living room: smart choices

rooftop apartment renovation

OK. Now, let’s move to the living room, shall we? While Richard and Camilla live in the company of each other, they want to invest in inviting guests. So, the living room as the predestined social hub of the home needs to tick a few boxes.

For this matter, Nicolas Karas,  allows the living room to breath without cluttering it with furniture. Rather, he focuses on a large corner sofa that can entertained up to 8 people. Perfect for a get together among life-long friends. Also, the laminated wooden floor pleads for our attention.

Beyond its apparent aesthetic pleasure, it’s easily maintainable. If someone drinks one to many glasses of wine, there is no need to panic. A smart choice for a rooftop apartment renovation that plans to entertain.

Living room #2: simple neutrality

rooftop apartment renovation

We decided to show you a second imagining of the living room. There are two main reasons for it.

The first reason has to do with the spatial usage through furniture arrangement. As we noted, Camilla and Richard are fond of hosting, thus this is also achievable by shedding the living room from excess. Just take a look at Federica Paiar‘s renovation idea. The living room is only composed by the furniture arrangements. A shelving complex is also inserted into the wall to provide the necessary storing facilities for the living area.

The second reason is the use of neutral tones in the decor. Neutral tones are aimed in enhancing the visual feeling of a space. The chances of your living room feeling cluttered because it entertains a small assembly of people drop down drastically.

If you want to see more living room ideas, then check our previous edition to these series: A duplex apartment renovation for the ages!

Terrace: a peaceful retreat

rooftop apartment renovation

So far, we have seen the rooftop apartment renovation designs take on the living room, bathroom and bedroom. What’s the point, though, of having a rooftop apartment without taking advantage of the roof? The couple wants to add an idyllic terrace in their apartment and Dom Studio obliges accordingly.

The terrace transforms with comfortable furnishing into another social hub of the apartment. The exposed brick walls bring a sense of rusticity, that supplements Richard’s love for the old. That is all well. But, what brings together this terrace is the lavish use of green. A trellis is one of the best options to create a garden a your terrace.

Especially, if it extends into a small porch. Just imagine dressing the trellis with creeping plants? What’s the word we are looking for….ah…magnificent!

Entrance: chic functionality

rooftop apartment renovation

Finally, our trip into Richard’s and Camilla’s rooftop apartment renovation reaches its summit with the entrance. While we tackle this space last that doesn’t reflect its value in any household.

Consider the entrance as the facade of your interior design. It is the first point of contact for anyone that enters into your dome. Take, for example, this design by Gray Studio. The entrance is given a wooden texture, that fulfills the rustic appetite of the couple.

Also, beyond the decorative elements imbued in the entrance it’s a good idea to harness its potential as a storage space. Gray Studio, uses the space masterfully by adding a drawer unit under the staircase. It can easily act as a shoe rack, keeping away the smelly clutter from the rest of your home. Always remember that the entrance can be designed to accommodate both functionality and aesthetics.

There you have it. We said that the rooftop apartment renovation is a perfect example of the word magnificent. Didn’t we hit the jackpot?



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