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Designer Spotlight: Interview With UP4 Architects

August 31, 2016
Up4 Architects on CoContest

Every now and the we feature some of the best designers that work on our platform of crowdsourcing for interior design. In this article we’re featuring UP4 Architects from Belgrade, Serbia. The photos in this interview, are linked to the projects of UP4 Architects on CoContest.

  • How did you start with architecture? How has your career evolved?

Soul of up4 architects is made of two of us who studied together at the Faculty of Architecture, at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Since we graduated in 2010, we worked on various jobs, such as Construction Site Manager, Project Designer, Interior Designer, Consultant, and now we work both offline and online in parallel.

  • Architectural inspiration: Are there any designers/firms you look up to? Any artist or publications that you draw ideas from?

We follow the direction in which architecture is developing. There are so many extraordinary designers, so it is hard to pick a specific person/studio. Generally, we like functional and simple designs.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • What softwares and programs do you use for your projects on CoContest?

AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3DS MAX.

  • What is your design process?

Our motto is Form follows the Function.

In that manner, first, we try to understand terms of reference and clients’ specific taste, than we make functional space. Once we agree on the functional aspect, we furnish it according to clients’ taste and try to make harmony among all elements. Final solution is always something that both of us like, space where we can picture ourselves in working or living, therefore we try to give the best of us.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • How do you choose the contests to participate in?

We mostly work on contests that inspire us at first sight with the space or given references. Than we consider the time given for that specific contest, in order to fulfill clients’ needs and satisfy our criteria for good design. We also like new challenges, so that is one more thing we consider while choosing contests to participate in.

  • What is criterium in which you choose the furniture?

Most important criteria is to understand clients’ needs and taste. We believe that architects are there to help clients make harmony among chosen materials, pieces of furniture and their specific location in the space.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • Do you use a data bank for the furniture?

As it can be seen on our profile, every space that we do we treat as a unique challenge. Currently we don’t have a data bank for the furniture.

  • What would you say is your unique style? How did it develop?

We follow the above-mentioned motto Form follows the Function, so the most important thing is to design smart dispositions and dimensions of rooms, and afterwards make functional arrangement of all pieces of furniture. However, we try to design functional space in order to be practical and logical for its use, and of course to shape clients’ needs and taste.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • How do you think CoContest is changing the landscape for designers?

CoContest gives designers opportunity to work with clients all over the world and to choose which job they’re going to do. Since price for design is under the market price for the same job, it is affordable for many people to participate in CoContest as clients, which was not the case before.

  • How is working online in the world of architecture is different from working offline?

There are same pros and cons when it comes to the question about differences between working online and offline. When you don’t have direct contact with the client, it gives you more space for creativity. You provide just few solutions and pick one you like, but you cannot be sure that client likes it, too. Offline gives you opportunity to see results of your work come to life and be present in all stages of project development since both sides are constantly included in the process. We like to make combination of these two approaches.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • How do you think the architecture market is changing in the years to come? What potentials do you see in the Internet expanding a way from customers doing business only with traditional firms?

In our opinion, traditional firms will always be present on the market due to the necessary presence on the construction site. However, overall project can be greatly enhanced by taking some stages, such as Design Solution, online. Nonetheless, there is a strong bond between those two, so probably in the future it will be similar like it is now, of course with technology improvements.

  • Any suggestions for CoContest to improve?

We saw some improvements of CoContest site and we like it.

Those are our suggestions:

  • On the profile page of a designer, projects could be re-organised in different order. All designers made some improvements and are now providing better solutions than they did in earlier stages, therefore the project that was done last should be placed as the first one.
  • Marking the winning designs (first tree places) on the profile page of designers.
  • Maybe enabling collaboration between designers when working on contests.

Up4 Architects on CoContest

  • Have you seen any projects you admired on CoContest? If so, which ones and why?

We saw some great interior design ideas, and great 3d presentations. The site has many talented designers from all over the world.

  • Do you have any tips for your younger colleagues?

Be persistent, work hard but work with love and the results will come.

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