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Back to School: Home Office Tips and Tricks!

September 5, 2016
back to school

Hi there folks, and welcome back to another dose of Monday’s decorating inspiration. Last week we went summery and took a peek at some tremendously tropical interior designs, while today we’ll be getting ready to go back to school. That’s right, it’s that time again, the back to school rush is about to begin. So, in order to get you ready, organised, as well as cool, calm and collected, we’ll be taking a gander at some home office tips and tricks.

Read on below to learn more, and ensure your dwelling is prepared for efficient study, stylish home learning sessions, and comfortable scholastic pursuits!

back to school

via Decoração e Ideias

Get inspired with an ideas board

First things first, you need to be inspired. What good is a home office, if when you enter the room, you feel dull and uninspired? Essentially, your interior needs to feel welcoming and enlightening, while also offering ideas and encouragement. How does one achieve this? An inspiration board is a great solution, which, in addition to providing a sense of colour and energy, also provides a neat space to add your learning essentials.

Creating an inspiration board is simple. Grab yourself a pin-board, black-board, or any other surface and attach to the wall. Then add all of your inspirational necessities, including both pictures and words.

back to school

via Paper & Stitch

Get crafty with some DIY projects

Nothing beats the back to school season like some crafty DIY projects! Time to get creative and prepare yourself and your little ones for a fabulous start to their new school or university year.

Some DIY ideas might include:

  • New hand-sewn pencil cases.
  • Some fabulously decorated lunch containers.
  • Covered notebooks.
  • DIY storage and shelving for your home office.
  • A re-upholstered seat for your desk.
  • A range of neat pencil holders, or desk-tidies.

One crafty solution that really caught our eye was this super chic roll-up organiser above. If you like it too, follow the instructions here and create your own!

back to school

via Earnest Home

Back to school means organisation!

Back to school means preparation, productivity and planning. Organise your home, office and apartment to ensure you are ready to hit the ground running this new academic year. Whether you are sending children back to school, or heading to university yourself, there are plenty of ways to get yourself feeling efficient and prepared.

One of the main solutions is ensuring your home office is neat and tidy. Give your dwelling a mini-makeover, focusing on the areas that hold papers and other important scholastic purposes. If you feel like going for a full workspace makeover, take some cues from this gorgeous example above.

back to school

via IHeart Organizing

Order, audit and arrange

Along the same lines as the aforementioned point, we recommend ordering your belongings. Additionally, audit what you no longer need, and arrange everything in a neat and tidy manner. Employ more storage if required, and check out this gorgeous children’s study for some ideas and inspiration.

back to school

via Gravity Home

Remodel your home office and workspace

Home offices are important. Not simply because they provide a space to study, but also due to the fact they are areas of contemplation and concentration. For this reason, it is essential you create a well-organised and enjoyable space. Think about your desk setup, while also considering your chair. Focus on your storage, while creating a minimalist cord-free environment.

Like what you see in the above interior? Check out the full home office remodel here, while gleaning a few ideas for your own workspace interior.

We hope our tips and tricks help you get prepared for the back to school season! Stay tuned for more great design advice next week!

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