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5 genius ideas for a small apartment makeover

September 6, 2016
small apartment makeover

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. The topic of today’s article deals with the nature of tiny spaces through a small apartment makeover.

The client is the proud owner of a small attic that has been labelled by Italian laws as unchangeable. That is fairly important for the pros of CoContest as their genius ideas must be boxed within the preexisting four walls. That’s not their only limitation. The house is merely 23 square meters. They are truly embarking at a small apartment makeover.

When dealing with tiny spaces, there are a few standards that must be followed from a design perspective. For example, the furniture must indulge multifunctionality. Also, the definition of spaces must be done dexterously with the use of decorative tricks. Light plays a significant part. Most importantly though, and this is a must, avoid fragile elements. Why? Well, just imagine clumsiness in a small space.

So, let’s see 5 genius ways to renovate a minuscule space. We highly recommend to grab a pen, take a few notes and be all means, be inspired!

Living room: lights please

small apartment makeover

In the concrete jungles of big cities, small apartments are the default choice for many residents. So, the question is how to transform the embedded coziness of a small space into a modern cave? The starting point can be lights.

Of course, natural light is always welcomed. In fact, the more the merrier. When you are living in a 23 square feet apartment, it is obvious that windows will be in scarcity. It will be a good idea then to structure the bedroom as close as it can be to one source of natural light. At least, that’s how Dn Design envisioned their small apartment makeover.

To supplement the bathing sun, Dn Design adds a few artificial light fixtures. Spotlights, floor lamps, table lamps and pendants work together to augment the visual experience of the small apartment. Especially that awesome floor lamp. It just adds an artistic vibe to the place. Simply put, genius.

Bedroom: an elevated miracle

small apartment makeover

It’s a fair conclusion to make that when dealing with a space that accentuates to 23 square meters not everything will fit. However, it will be, by all means, a wrong conclusion.

It all boils down to a dexterous use of the space. For this matter, Trias Mahendarto  has decided to utilize every inch. In their small apartment makeover idea, the bedroom elevates above the living room with a staircase providing access. That is, by far, one of the best ways to manipulate tiny spaces. Perhaps, the only people in disadvantage here will be those with extraordinary height. Some headbutts on the ceiling after a haste wake up call might occur.

What is more, the created bedroom space is exploit even further be installing shelves. They can be a great source of decorative exhibits and storage.

For more bedroom ideas, check our previous edition to the contest series: A Magnificent Rooftop Apartment Renovation!

Colors: bright and white

small apartment makeover

Moving along, one of the quintessential tools to alter the visual perception of a small space is the color palette. It is a quite widespread fact that white has an awesome ability to bounce off light. The question that arises here thought is, what if you want to entertain a more playful color scheme?

Well, just take your cue from Annie Yakimova. White has taken a prominent role in the small apartment makeover. As a neutral tint, though, white can be amply combined with any another color. And yellow is a bright choice. It is, after all, the brightest color of the visible spectrum.

One simple advise. When playing with wall colors, is better to allow neutral tints to consume 3/4 of the space and lick your favorite hue on the remaining wall. That’s how you get the best of both worlds.

Bathroom: minimal heaven

small apartment makeover

So far, we have seen how the bedroom and living room can be designed in a petite apartment to offer the best kind of living conditions.

The bathroom will follow the same rules. Nemanja Topic‘s design is brimming with simplicity by allowing white tiles to merge in harmony with wood. This mixture of materials creates a space that is devoid of clutter and, of course, boredom. An uninspiring small bathroom can be devastating to your health.

Also, as far as storage facilities goes, large medicine cabinets are out of the question. There is no need to explain why. Rather, it is a far better solution to indulge the use of shelves. Don’t forget to add a large mirror in your small apartment makeover. Its reflective abilities will come quite handy.

Kitchen: space saving tricks

small apartment makeover

Finally, our visual tour to the viscera of this small apartment makeover will reach its summit with the kitchen. The fate of the minuscule will follow this space as well. There is simply no room for a rustic kitchen island. There is room though for smart multifunctionality.

Alvaro Llaveria Sanchez, for example, designs the kitchen with simple means. A single worktop is fitted with all the modern amenities. You will be wondering though, in light of the hanged chairs, where is the kitchen table? If you take a closer look, the painting of pop reference is a table in disguise. When in need, it extends from the wall.

This kind of multi functionality is essential to the interior design of small spaces. Unless, of course, you are fond of bumping into various objects while trying to navigate through the cluttered room.

So, there you have it. A few genius ways to make the most of a small apartment makeover. Always have in mind that living small does not condemn you into claustrophobia. Just follow the simple decorative tricks and your will live like kings. Well, almost like kings.


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