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Bedroom Workspaces: Back to School Remodelling

September 10, 2016
bedroom workspaces

Happy Saturday, CoContesters! And welcome back to our regular remodelling sessions! This week we continue our look at back to school decoration and decor. Last week, we took a look at black and white interiors, while today we’ll be peeking at a handful of wonderfully combined bedroom workspaces.

If you are heading back to college or university, or if you are sending some children off to school, we’ve collated a range of different tips and tricks to create a welcoming, handy and enjoyable bedroom office. Read on below to learn more, and give your sleeping quarters a sophisticatedly scholastic makeover today!

bedroom workspaces

via Soul Alchemy

Scandinavian simplicity

The first of the bedroom workspaces that we are taking a look at is a fabulous example of ‘less is more’. Boasting a neat and tidy setup, brimming with a sense of functionality and usability, this room is a shining example of how to decorate and design a space.

We adore the use of contrasting hues, which create a sophisticated juxtaposition of light and dark. Seamlessly integrated into the fairly large space, the home office and desk area is minimal and aesthetically pleasing. To keep the room feeling austere yet welcoming, the designers have opted for a wall-mounted desk, while the addition of an indoor plant retains a fresh and lively aura.

bedroom workspaces

via Dupuis Design

A modern teenagers bedroom and workspace

Designed to suit a teenager, this bedroom is wonderfully chic, while emphasising practicality as well. The low-lying bed sits atop a platform, in addition to the wall-mounted side tables that are simple and effective.

The bedroom workspace is ultra-modern, and comes replete with a glass work surface, white upholstered chair, and room for all essential accessories. Ideal for someone who studies at high school, or is heading to university, the room is sleek and attractive, while still offering practicality.

Like what you see? Check out the home in its entirety here.

bedroom workspaces

via West Chin Architects

Helpful and hidden

Sometimes, when you head off to dreamland, you simply don’t want to have to look at your workspace! In this bedroom that issue has been removed, while still providing a handy place to study and work when not resting or relaxing.

Once you’ve finished your work, tuck away that computer and hide it behind the bespoke cupboards that seamlessly conceal any notion of work, study or academic obligation.

If you’d like to check out more, head here and view the interior in its entirety.

bedroom workspaces

via Susanna Cots

The multipurpose space

Ingeniously designed and fashioned to make the most of the compact area within these sleeping quarters, this bedroom office is stylish and effective. Generally bedroom workspaces encompass a freestanding desk, consequently taking up a large potion of floor space in the room. In this design that issue has been eliminated, while incorporating multi-purpose modular joinery.

Want more? Check out some seriously well-styled interiors at Susanna Cots.

bedroom workspaces

via Peter A. Sellar

Ultra modern bedroom workspaces

Last, but certainly not least, we check out an ultra-modern workspace and bedroom combination. Who doesn’t love a neat, tidy and well-organised space? Luckily this room boasts those particular qualities in abundance!

Here the modular joinery is fashioned into the overall design of the bedroom, while the linear shape of the workspace helps bring a feeling of cohesion and connectivity to the room.

Want to see more? Check out the full residence, as well as plenty more from Peter A. Sellar.

Has this inspired some back to school decorating and perhaps some refreshed bedroom workspaces?

Stay tuned for more next week…and don’t forget to let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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