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A dreamy family house design

September 13, 2016
family house design

We all have an innate need to design the house of our dreams. This need is mostly driven by our aptitude to live in an environment that inspires us. The clients of today’s contest then, taken on by this need, embark to find their dreamy family house design.

Every minuscule detail plays an important role in bringing to reality the house of our dreams. A starting point can be its overall interior design attitudes that can embrace modernity and rusticity in a beautiful amalgamation. Of course, a family house design needs to consider the appropriate use of space. The living room, for example, has to balance between ornamental and practical design.

There is one design aspect that can often fly above our heads when creating the house of our dreams. The facade can take a secondary role, as we direct all efforts in the interior. That is a fallacy. As we shall see, the lines of your exterior can speak to us in a very particular language.

So, without any further ado, let’s delve deep into the clients search for their dreamy family house design. We implore you to take a few notes and as always, be inspired.

The facade: the secret language

family house design

It is important to understand that the overall shape of your home affects you. Take a moment and observe some of the geometrical shapes that surround you. Does a triangle have the same emotional impact as a circle? Geometrical shapes have a visual vocabulary, which similarly to linguistic methods of communication, affect our emotional state in a subconscious level.

When it comes to the shape of the clients house, Claudio Aiello, combines horizontal lines with soft curves. In regards to horizontal lines, they are parallel to the horizon. That is quite simple, isn’t it? What they convey though in that state is a sense of tranquility. They rest in a horizontal plane, secure by any kind of fall.

As for soft curves, their have an intrinsic fluidity that has a female character attached to them. In Claudio’s family house design, the soft curves of the roof blend energetically with the sobering effects of the horizontal wood.

The porch: a peaceful retreat

family house design

Since we are talking about tranquility, the porch is specific space specifically tasked for this mindset It has, be all means, the potential to transform into a peaceful retreat.

Andrera Dalmasso, for example, dresses the porch in wood. The natural material awakens a serenity in the environment, which makes it a perfect candidate for an external space. Of course, to utilize every single aspect of the porch, furniture arrangements are needed. Especially, when we are talking about a family house design, you will need comfortable sofas for idle hours.

The last piece in the porch puzzle is the pergola. While the sun rays are an energy source with regenerating properties, too much of it and you can end up with more troubles than a rose nose. A modern array of horizontal shutters that can deflect sunlight on demand is one of the best options for your porch.

The bedroom: replicating nature

family house design

It is with good reason wood has shown up in this contest so often. The clients have an aptitude towards the rustic effects of the natural material. Hence, their bedroom brims with the inviting essence of wood.

We generally have an innate desire to replicate nature in the interior of our own homes. Floor to ceiling windows are installed, allowing nature to be in full exhibition. That also allows sunlight to penetrate the rooms. And, we also, use wood.

Marco Galli, combines all these elements together, to design a bedroom that is the pinnacle of relaxation and well being. Also, that inner porch is a design marvel on itself. Beyond the apparent function of consuming the bedroom with natural light, it augments the embedded relaxing functions of the room.

The facade: sharp angles

family house design

In the visual vocabulary of geometrical shapes, we have observed what horizontal lines and soft curves denote. Now, let’s investigate the meaning of sharp angles.

In contrast to the female fluidity of soft curves, sharp angles have a masculine character. Their lines are filled with energy and vexation. If they sound like too much too handle, then rest assure there is more to them. Sharp angles are the youthful representation of the visual vernacular.

Luca Granarelli, for example, brings on the table a family house design that balances between the explosive persona of sharp angles and the serenity of horizontal lines. It embraces modernity and sheds away any notions of minimalism.

The living room: functional artistry

family house design

Moving along from the facade of the house into the interior, the clients are concerned in bringing together their appetite for the arts and their family needs. Usually, the harmonious balance between two elements requires a level of designing shrewdness.

Zanang Studios, for this matter, articulate the living room as an open space. This specific design format augments the visual perception of a space. Hence, it allows the incorporation of diverse materials that otherwise will have cluttered your living room.

It is also important to follow simple lines that encourage simplicity and promote elegance. The motto here is; the simpler the better.

The pool: encouraged luxury

family house design

Last, but not least, the clients want to include in their dreamy family house design an awesome water feature. Where water feature insert pool.

The mundane option for pools relates to a rectangular piece of engineering settled in the garden. That’s alright, yet it misses the aspect of dreamy.

Thus, Corrado Vigano, abstains from banality and creates a unique kind of pool. Surrounded by a deck, the pool is musical note in a modern pentagram of exterior design. That’s what we call an encouraged luxury.

So, there you have it. The clients needs to find a family house design in correspondence to their dreams is filled with incredible ideas that expand from the external to the internal. Always remember, that every single detail is important in crafting an inspiring surrounding environment.

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