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Nesting Place: Today’s Feature Blog

September 15, 2016
nesting place

Hi there folks! And welcome back this surprisingly sunny September day for another excellent CoContest feature blogger. Last week we took a peek at the inspiring Paper & Stitch, while this Saturday we’re following up with a brilliant array of DIY and lifestyle ideas from Nesting Place (NP).

nesting place

via NP

Meet the nester

So who exactly is the Nester? Myquillyn resides in the United States and began her blog in November of 2007. With such a unique name, she goes under the moniker of the Nester, and boasts a love affair for houses, decoration and interior design. Deciding to take things to the next level with Nesting Place, Myquillyn created a one-stop-shop for all things domestic. With a motto of “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” she manages to create gorgeously adorned interior spaces that burst with hospitality and charm.

Certainly not your average DIY blog, or even a standard decorating blog, Nesting place changes the way you think about your home, its ambience, aura and style. Living life with a husband and three sons, Nesting Place provides many tips and tricks to reside in a gorgeous home, without the stress of having to keep it perfect.

If you’d like to learn more about Myquillyn and Nesting Place, head here and continue reading.

nesting place

via NP

Great DIY ideas to get you through the autumn season

Although Nesting Place isn’t your standard DIY blog, there are still plenty of projects to keep you busy. Since it’s heading into autumn (or fall in the US), we thought we’d take a peek at a seasonal project that is sure to improve your dwelling’s autumnal aesthetic.

These quick and easy DIY cabinet legs are perfect as a weekend project, while making an exciting family-friendly task as well. Unique, quirky and fun, you can check out the full step-by-step DIY here.

nesting place

via NP

Shopping advice and decor purchasing tips

As well as neat projects to keep you and your family busy over the weekend, Nesting Place also boasts some great advice for those looking to fill their homes with gorgeous odds and ends. Focusing on deals and bargains, the blog is excellent for those on a shoestring. However, the Nester knows when to save money and purchase a pricey item as well, with a mantra of ‘quality over quantity’ seen throughout her designs.

If you want to learn more about shopping for furniture, while saving money, head over here to check out the full post.

nesting place

via NP

Tour the nest

One thing we particularly love about our feature bloggers, is being able to tour their own abodes. the Nester and her family have lived in four homes, 3 of which were rented, and these are all documented in detail here.

We particularly love the room above, which offers a rustic modern aesthetic and ambience, coupled with warm inviting vibes, while still looking sophisticated and timeless.

The mantle is slowly inching towards fall 🌾

A photo posted by Myquillyn Smith (@thenester) on

Nesting Place on Instagram

As always, our features bloggers are here to keep you up to date with their neat Instagram accounts. Nesting Place boasts an intimidating number of followers, which only cements Myquillyn’s status as a serious trendsetter in the domestic blogosphere. Would you like to stay up to date? Check out the latest from the Nester,  by following the link and staying connected!

Like what you see? Stay tuned next week for another fabulous and inspiring feature blogger!

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