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Kitchen Remodels: 5 of our Favourites!

September 17, 2016
kitchen remodels

Happy Saturday, CoContesters! And welcome back to our regular remodelling sessions! This week we continue our fab refurbishment tips and tricks by taking a peek at 5 of our favourite kitchen remodels. Last week, we took a look at back to school bedroom workspaces, while today we’ll be peeking inside some seriously wonderful cooking spaces.

So, if you’re in the market for a kitchen upgrade, let these 5 exemplary gastronomic remodels stir up some serious culinary inspiration for your own domestic setup!

kitchen remodels

via Martin Kobus

The kitchen as a hub of the home

The first kitchen setup we take a peek inside is simply oozing sophistication and style. A real entertainer, this dwelling’s cooking space is more than just a place to prepare food. The room boasts a row of seats that look over the kitchen area, while the island is multi-functional as a table and workspace.

The colour scheme for this room is an array of bright white, while softer timber tones help add warmth and a welcoming aesthetic. If this room stirs up a little decorating and design inspiration, you can check out the full project here.

kitchen remodels

via The Jungalow

A kitchen jungle!

Sometimes it takes a special eye to see potential in what others cannot. In this instance, The Jungalow is responsible for one of our favoruite kitchen remodels to date. Boasting bright viridian hues and endless indoor plants, while ensuring a fabulously refreshing ambience, this setup is one-of-a-kind!

Like what you see? Check out the full before and after here. In addition, you may find you glean a few tips and tricks by following some of the key aspects of this remodel, and opting for a bright, lively and enticing colour scheme.

kitchen remodels

via Trevor Tondro

Kitchen remodels on the rustic side

Completely different to the aforementioned kitchen, but no less impressive, our next remodel is truly spectacular! Replete with a sumptuous and sultry collection of rustic hues and textures, this space is a cut above the rest. But what makes this kitchen feel particularly welcoming and sophisticated? Firstly, we adore the exposed brick walls, while the use of certain contemporary pieces of furniture lift the interior style, preventing it from becoming heavy or intense.

Open shelving adds a certain quaintness to the interior, while the use of a rug upon the timber floorboards is a cute and welcoming addition. Like this kitchen remodel? Check out more gorgeous interiors from this photographer here.

kitchen remodels

via Studio [D] Tale

Making the most of a compact space

We come across so many fabulous remodels at CoContest HQ it can often be tricky deciding on our favourites. However, this particular interior was certainly not difficult. This Notting Hill home, known as Peponi House, has been completely rejuvenated and refurbished to include a gorgeous array of interior finishes.

Within the kitchen we spy a seriously compact space, which has been maximised through the use of elegant fittings, and innovative design. The open shelving is blue glass, while the thick marble worktop evokes luxury and opulence. Timeless, characterful and undeniably chic, you can check out the full home renovation at Studio [D] Tale.

kitchen remodels

via House Beautiful

True character and charm

Our last remodel takes us inside a gloriously spacious cooking area, which is awash with desirable fittings, finishes and furniture. Situated in California, we see elements of the surrounding landscape included within the design. White walls, dusty grey cabinets and copper accessories galore, this cosy kitchen is a striking example of unique design and originality.

Like what you see? You can take a tour of the entire dwelling here.

Which of these kitchen remodels took your fancy? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more interior inspiration next week!

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