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Refreshing Kitchen Cabinets: Remodelling Tips

September 24, 2016
refreshing kitchen cabinets

Happy first Saturday of Autumn CoContesters, and welcome back to our regular remodelling sessions. Today we’ve got some amazing inspiration, top ideas, and a few neat tricks to help you on the path to domestic (kitchen) bliss. Last week we took a peek at 5 incredible kitchen remodels, and today we’ll be continuing our focus on the cooking space by checking out some info regarding refreshing kitchen cabinets.

If you’d like to learn more, read on below, and renovate, refurbish and renew with CoContest!

refreshing kitchen cabinets

via Tobi Fairley

Why should you be refreshing kitchen cabinets?

Kitchens are an unquestionable hub of one’s home, and for this reason they need to be planned, designed and decorated to suit their use. As well as a preparation and cooking area, they also create a central gathering point, while bringing together the whole family or household. Within the kitchen, there are a few key considerations:

  • The layout.
  • The scheme.
  • The joinery and cabinets.
  • The worktop or bench.
  • The appliances.

These crucial points need great attention as they form the overall aesthetic and efficiency of your space. From a design and decorating perspective, the kitchen cabinets have the most impact, while the worktops come in a close second. For this reason it is important you pay attention to your cabinets they way they interrelate to the rest of your cook space. If they are old, tired, dowdy and dull, it’s time to toss them, renovate them and upgrade your kitchen’s ambience and atmosphere.

Like what you see in the above design? Check out the whole home here.

refreshing kitchen cabinets

via Elizabeth Roberts


There are a few choices when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and joinery. The basic options when refreshing kitchen cabinets include:

  • Painting.
  • Resurfacing.
  • Replacing.

Fancy seeing the rest of this impressive home? Head over here, and view the project in its entirety.

refreshing kitchen cabinets

via Dimples & Tangles

Painting your cabinets a new colour

When refreshing kitchen cabinets, painting is the simplest and most common solution. However, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, you must know what type of surface you are working with. If your kitchen cabinets are timber, that is good news. Timber is wonderful at being upcycled and renovated, while offering a range of stylistic options that are great for the home DIYer. If you have laminate cabinets, you can still paint them, but will need to pay attention to your primer.

For timber cupboards, sand them back to remove any varnish, prime with a timber primer and paint. Invest in a good quality paint, as it will make all the difference to your kitchen’s appearance in the long run. For laminate cupboards the process is pretty much the same. You should prep with a laminate primer, sand back slightly, and apply your paint. You may need an undercoat, in addition to two coats of paint.

We took some cues from the example above, which included a stylishly painted cabinets in two colours, gold hardware and wonderfully eye-catching light fittings.

refreshing kitchen cabinets


Refacing cabinets and joinery

Refacing kitchen cabinets is another option that can work well in certain situations. This can save you money on a home remodel, while ensuring you hold onto any well-built joinery. New kitchen cabinets can cost up to 50% of your budget, so refacing offers a significant reduction in costs, while allowing you to spend more money on accessories and finishes. There are two main options to reface you cabinets:

  • Add new door and drawer fronts.
  • Add a layer of wood or laminate veneer over existing cupboards.

Both of these options are a great alternative to replacing cupboards entirely, with the first slightly more expensive than the second. By refacing cabinets you can save money, a lot of time, and end up with a gorgeous kitchen such as the one above.

refreshing kitchen cabinets

via a&h Architecture

Out with the old, and in with the new!

If however, you deem your cabinets too far gone, and simply want to replace them altogether, you can rip them out and start fresh. Kitchen joinery certainly has a finite life, but well made joinery should be inspected and reused where possible. If your layout and the positioning of your cupboards is awkward, this is another reason to renew your entire setup. Often older kitchens have difficult designs, which need to be completely updated and refreshed. If you need some kitchen inspiration, take a peek at one of our favourites-this gorgeous chef’s space above!

Ready to start refreshing kitchen cabinets in your home? Stay tuned for more next week, and leave us a comment with your kitchen remodel stories below!

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