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Style Essentials: 5 Domestic Must-Haves

September 26, 2016
style essentials

Welcome to Monday CoContesters! We hope you’re ready for another dose of fabulous interior design inspiration. Every Monday we provide our interior design tips and tricks, to help you create the ultimate dwelling. Last week we took a peek at back how to decorate for autumn, while today we’ll be looking at some domestic style essentials. We’ve gathered our top 5 household must-haves, for a sophisticated and super stylish abode.

style essentials

via Blackband

A statement rug

As The Dude from 1998 cult hit The Big Lebowski once said “that rug really tied the room together”. Rugs are an essential part of your interior decor, but one that might be neglected for other more obvious interior fittings, furniture and finishes. A rug not only works as an anchor point for the entire space, but also creates a warm and inviting ambience and atmosphere.

In the room above we see how the different pieces of furniture work perfectly with the large woven rug, while covering the timber floor adds warmth and an inviting aesthetic.

style essentials

via A Beautiful Mess

A cohesive theme and scheme

For a room to truly ‘work’ it needs a cohesive theme and a scheme. In this room we are able to see how the designer utilised a limited colour palette, while the ambience remains fresh and inventive. Stark features of gold are paired against living indoor plants, consequently providing a juxtaposition of elements and a highly successful design.

Choosing a theme might seem difficult, but the best way is to look at the interior architecture of your space, and work with you favourite aesthetics. If in doubt, opt for a pared-back design, which will make the most of your space, while leaving the possibility for change at a later date.

style essentials

via Peter A. Sellar

Lavish light fittings

Who doesn’t love a large and impressive light fitting? In all of these rooms, we have seen how light fittings and fixtures can totally transform a space. In this room, the dining area is given an individual sense of refinement thanks to its oversized pendant fitting. When choosing a light for any interior space, remember to take into consideration a few factors:

  • The size of the fitting in relation to your room.
  • The height at which the fitting is suspended. In dining rooms such as this one, a low hanging light can work particularly well. However, in a living area, you may want to opt for a much higher suspension.
  • The position and placement of the light.
  • The interaction the light might have with other sources of illumination in the room, e.g. lamps etc.
style essentials

via Elizabeth Roberts

Style essentials: a feature mirror

When we talk about style essentials, a feature mirror is rarely left out of the conversation. Mirrors are effortless contributors of grace, refinement, elegance and style, while offering crucial practical solutions to your decor as well.

Whether you opt for a small hallway mirror, or a large freestanding piece like the one above, a mirror is sure to improve and enhance your home. The good news is, designing with mirrors is fairly foolproof. Mirrors suit a range of interior locations, while reflecting light that helps illuminate your home’s interior. Think outside the box and opt for some seriously creative style essentials, which are sure to up your interior design game tenfold!

style essentials

via Coco Lapine

The importance of indoor plants

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, indoor plants are a serious must-have. These brilliant accessories add life and verve to your room, but also do so much more. They purify air, regulate humidity, remove toxins and simply look great! We took a particular liking to the living room above. This room incorporates a range of different foliage, while still feeling sleek and chic. You don’t need a green thumb to grow plants indoors either. Remember to look for varieties that suit your lighting and placement, while chatting to your local nursery will generally yield good advice and consequently, some great results!

Do you own any of these style essentials? We hope you enjoyed our quick rundown of 5 must-haves, stay tuned next Monday for more fab interior advice and ideas! 

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