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How to Choose the Perfect Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

September 28, 2016
Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Making Your Selection

Do the stained kitchen walls vex you? They wouldn’t have if you have used splashbacks. They are not only stain resistant and hygienic, but also have an aesthetic feel about them. The choice of the right material and design is sure to take the decor of your kitchen to the next level.

Areas near the sink and the stove are the busiest spots in a kitchen. Therefore, they are most prone to getting tainted due to food spills. The use of tiles to guard the spills and splashes is not the only option now. In this advanced era, we have a choice to pick from a vast range of materials, from stainless steel to coloured glass. The tiles come in countless designs too. Put your inner designer to test and order a customized splashback. Go for a modern tile design or opt for colourful glass – just think of what would suit your kitchen’s decor the best.

Splashbacks for Your Kitchen


After you have chosen the perfect splashback for your kitchen, you need a glass or stone fitting professional for templating. You won’t need one for tiles though. The expert would outline the sockets and heating controls on the wall, so to slash the splashback material accurately for proper fitting.

As mentioned earlier, splashbacks come in a wide range of materials. Let’s have a look at some,

  • Glass:

If you have a small kitchen space with a simple decor, glass splashbacks would be perfect. The glass would give a bold touch to your kitchen. Here’s an advice: when looking for a glass splashback, find one that is durable and back painted. Also customized glass splashback to suite the requirements of clients. All they need to do is naming the color and design.

  • Composite and Solid Surface

Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Composites have no joins, which give a flawless look to the kitchen. Silestone, Caesarstone and Corian manufacture wall claddings that are akin to their worktops. Something you should go for if you are a perfectionist.

  • Tiles:

Just like other old fashion trends, tiles are back in the game with a bigger range of sizes, shapes and designs. You can settle on the rustic patterns if you want to create an accent. For a more colourful and lively touch, you can choose from a diverse array of retro tiles. When choosing tiles, we advise to consider adding contrasting or dark coloured grout. For instance, a simple white tile would look great with black grout. Most importantly, it would require fewer repairs than the traditional white or light coloured grout.

  1. Steel:

Steel is a good option for two main reasons; it is bacteria resistant and is easier to clean. You can buy ready-made steel splashbacks off the peg, but it would be wiser to get an expert to take measurements first and then install a splashback after templating.

A word of advice! Before you opt for a steel splashback, remember that any marks or scratches would be difficult to hide due to its lustrous finish.

Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

  • Upstands:

A low upstand (about 50mm) is an excellent substitute if you don’t desire to install splashbacks throughout your kitchen. In such a case, it is wise to go for a stone or composite upstand, whatever complements your worktops. Upstands give a smart and tidy look to your kitchen space.

A collaboration with Harvey Jones, designing and crafting kitchens from their Cambridgeshire workshop for more than thirty-five years.


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