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Halloween Decorating: Interior Tips and Tricks

October 3, 2016
halloween decorating

Happy Monday CoContesters! Today we’ve got a few interior design tips and tricks, to help you create the ultimate (spooky) dwelling. Last week we took a peek at domestic style essentials, while today we’ll be providing some halloween decorating hints. We’ve gathered some gorgeous interiors that have spectacularly managed to incorporate some eerily and mysterious aesthetics. From some weekend DIY projects to whole living room makeovers, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your dwelling.

halloween decorating

via Damask Love

Hallway and entrance DIY projects

If there is one thing we really love here at CoContest, it’s creative thinking and innovative design. When we think of innovation, we don’t necessarily couple it with halloween decorating, but that is exactly what Damask Love have done. This fresh DIY project takes the usual (boring) halloween projects and gives them a renewal and reinvention.

Like what you see? If you’re interested in creating some of these fab accessories like the image above, head over here and get started today!

halloween decorating

via Tatertots & Jello

Classic, classy and perfect for every year

Do you want some great interior ideas and autumnal halloween interiors? This gorgeous example shows there are different ways to design and adore your home for the upcoming festivities. Instead of opting for the typical decorations, you can choose something unique, while imparting a sense of individuality.

In this room, pumpkins have been covered with fabric, while plenty of autumn hues are added to the mix. The exciting wall print is lovely, and can easily be replaced and stored once halloween is over.

If you like the look of this interior, you can check out the full home in its entirety here.

halloween decorating

via Brit+Co

A bright way to decorate pumpkins

Want something a little brighter? We adore these fabulously easy DIYed pumpkins. Make the most of the autumn fruits (yes technically a pumpkin is a fruit!) and get creative, while spending some time with the family. The best thing about this DIY? You can pick the style, colour and decorative cover that perfectly matches your existing decor, in addition to brightening the room.

Get creative this weekend and decorate some seasonal produce. Head over to Brit+Co and check out the step by step details.

halloween decorating

via how to decorate

Halloween decorating for your front porch

With all of that decorating indoors, you can’t forget about the exterior of your home. The porch is a great place to begin, while having fun with some great outdoor props and accessories. You can decorate elegantly and stylishly, while still offering that creepy ambience and atmosphere. Here the designers have chosen a scheme that works beautifully, while working with seasonal produce and an overwhelmingly, invitingly autumnal aesthetic.

This design is sure to put the spook into your exterior halloween decorating.

halloween decorating

via Craftberry Bush

Chic and sleek halloween decorating

One of our favourites, this elegant and refined interior is designed with class, while resisting the urge to go all out spooky. A perfect design for both autumn and halloween, the use of pumpkins works beautifully against the minimal colour scheme, consequently imparting grace and flair. Super cosy and wonderful for getting comfy and warm on a rainy evening, in addition to feeling timeless and sophisticatedly casual.

To emulate this design, while updating your home with class and style, check out the full interior here.

Happy halloween decorating CoContesters! Stay tuned next Monday, while learning more about interior decorating and design tips.

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