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A cultural hotel room renovation

October 4, 2016
hotel room renovation

In Matera, preparations are under way to transform the small province into a unique cultural experience. One of such preparations is the hotel room renovation of today’s edition to contest series.

The attempts to establish the European Union as a reference point of cosmopolitan ingenuity and collaboration are meeting every year at a different city of the Old Continent. Matera is the chosen city for 2019. As you can imagine, this translates to intensive planning. That is the main reason the clients of today’s contest wanted their hotel room renovation.

Our visual trip to the chosen Cultural Capital of Europe for 2019 will unravel the desire of a couple to renovate the stone catacombs of an old hotel. With Matera being one of the oldest cities in the world, the renovation should respect its cultural significance while injecting it with contemporary and futuristic elements.

Let’s see, then, the hotel renovation attempts at the soon to be Cultural European Capital. Don’t forget to take notes and as always, be inspired.

The city of Matera

hotel room renovation

The little city in the Southern borders of Italy has a history that stretches back to the Paleolithic era.  In fact, the Sassi di Matera, the ancient part of the city, is a conglomeration of stoned buildings. The ancient town blooms on the slope of a rocky ravine.

With this in mind, the hotel room renovation has to relate to the history entrenched in the city of Matera. It must pay its due respect to the cultural forms that establish the little province. However the flock of artistic enthusiasts that will consume the city in 2019 will seek for contemporary amenities.

Thus, it becomes important to marry the caverns of Matera with the bold lines of modern luxuries. After all, it will be difficult to be entertained by the rocky slopes, when you have to sleep on them as well. Especially, in the Technological Renascence that is coming in 2019.

Hotel room renovation: a bedroom for kings

hotel room renovation

The hotel room renovation is taking place in the Sassi di Matera. Which implies that the room is a part of the cavern contortion widespread in the ancient town.

On its face, this presents a difficult task for renovation. The unconventional character of nature corroding rocks in the passage of time gives a unique contour to the room. What is more, nature’s architect rarely makes provisions for windows.

Thus, to avoid a perpetual and claustrophobic room, artificial lights are pivotal to the renovation. Valeria Fauceglia, for this matter, arranges an array of spotlights on the walls that give a dim look to the room. Perfect for relaxation. Also, Valeria pays homage to the history of Matera by allowing stones to merge the ceiling with the walls.

We are confident the lucky traveler who joins this room will find it a peaceful heaven.

Hotel room renovation: bold furniture

hotel room renovation

If you have ever grace the cinematic experience of the Matrix (if you haven’t shame on you), the caverns of the underground city hosting humanity’s last hope seem eerie familiar with this contest.  Especially, how futurism is infused with the natural environment.

Mario Crisci, jumps a few years into the future and sketches a futuristic outlook for the hotel room renovation. The furniture lines acquire a bold character that stands in contrast with the cavern look of the room. Using two decorative principles that contrast each other can often create a unique and pleasing outlook. However, as always, its important to keep a balance that can be achieved through color combinations and texture.

What is more, Mario adds a few mirrors in the cavern hotel room. The reason is simple; mirrors, as a reflective surface, can counteract the limitation in square feet.

Hotel Room Renovation: the reception

hotel room renovation

Before we finish our virtual tour to the preparation attempts of today’s clients for the cultural pandemonium of 2019, we thought it is prudent to showcase another space in the hotel. The reception hall.

The reception is the first point of contact for the hotel. That means, it will denote the experience upcoming travelers will have for the entire hotel. Luca Torricelli, then, combines the corroded walls with a modern design. It is the perfect way to demonstrate the intention behind the hotel and the entire festival of cultural collaboration.

That is, the respect on the aesthetic customs and ideas stemming from a geographical region as they become charged with the reality of the modern era.

So, there you have it. While our visual trip to today’s contest is short, it does not lack substance. The European Capital of Culture for 2019 has already begun its rejuvenation to welcome the cohorts of the most ambitious societal experiment conducted by the human race. And this hotel stands in the middle of these preparations.

If you haven’t check our previous edition to the contest series, then it is time you changed that: A wonderful leaving room transformation. 

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