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Colourful Kitchens: Remodelling Tips

October 8, 2016
colourful kitchens

Happy Saturday CoContesters! And welcome back to our regular weekend remodelling sessions.  If you’re looking for a little domestic inspiration this cloudy autumn day, we’ve got plenty of articles to keep you busy. Today we’ve got some great kitchen ideas and inspiration in store for you. Last week we took a peek at our favourite 6 home office makeovers, while today we’ll be moving into the kitchen to check out some beautiful colourful kitchens

If you’re tired of the standard options of white, off-white and other variations of the same thing, take a little time to check out these incredible 5 colourful kitchens below! From rainbow to tangerine, there is something for everyone.

colourful kitchens

via Draisci Studio

Work with shapes and forms

When you consider a colourful kitchen space, it is often a good idea to look at the different shapes and forms you can work with. In this example we see a beautiful cooking area, which boasts a range of various shaped cupboards. The dark splashback adds drama, while the fitting free joinery is more of an artwork than a place to prepare and cook food!

Want to learn more? Check out the full project and home here.

colourful kitchens


Add a bright hue to brighten up a monochromatic colour scheme

In an all-white colour scheme (or any monochromatic scheme for that matter), it is often a good idea to add a burst of contrast. Green has been chosen in this instance, and it works beautifully. Hidden in its own cupboard area, the bright hue is modern and eye-catching, while still feeling professional and sophisticated. It combines playfulness and cheer, while keeping the design simple enough that the bright green avoids feeling overwhelming. The added artworks seal the deal, and give this home a casual yet attention-grabbingly impressive aesthetic.

Does this kitchen inspire you? See the dwelling in its entirety here.

colourful kitchens

via Lifestyle Etc.

Consider refacing your kitchen cabinets

If you aren’t in the market for a completely new kitchen, you can brighten up your decor by working with what you have. Refreshing your kitchen cupboards gives a beautiful renewed vibe, while saving you money and time by avoiding a costly new cooking space. This kitchen boasts impressive canary yellow cupboard doors, which could easily be painted to suit any interior design. The exposed shelving also works well in this instance, as it creates a country aesthetic, while feeling light and open.

If you’d like to check out some more colourful kitchens head over here, while we have some more info about refacing cabinets here.

colourful kitchens

Colourful kitchens can also be sleek and chic!

Forget all-white kitchens, this incredible example is sure to brighten and liven up your home! When we think about colourful kitchens we often picture the standard primary hues, and variations within the colour wheel. However, black and white cooking areas can look wonderfully bright, engaging and sophisticated too. This kitchen makeover has totally rejuvenated the ambience and aura within the room, consequently adding value and enjoyment to the dwelling it resides within.

Like what you see? You can take a peek at all the before and after shots via A Beautiful Mess.

colourful kitchens

via Anthony Harrison

Be dramatic, be bold and be creative!

Fancy a little tangerine in your life? This cooking space has it in spades! This kitchen is unquestionably one of the most innovative kitchens in terms of its choice of hues, while still appearing sophisticated and modern. We love the fitting free joinery, as well as the clever use of a curved bench space. Would you like to brighten your home, create culinary magic, while hanging out in a stylish and individual space? This is it. To check out more, head over here to see more of Anthony Harrison’s work.

What did you think of these colourful kitchens? Let us know your favourite in the comments below, in addition to staying tuned for more remodelling tips next Saturday!

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