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Open Plan Kitchen and Dining: Remodelling Tips

October 15, 2016
open plan kitchen and dining

Happy Saturday CoContesters! And welcome back to our regular weekend remodelling sessions. We’ve got plenty of inspiring interiors that are sure to provide a few ideas and tips to help you on the path to domestic design bliss. Last week we headed into the kitchen to take a peek at some colourful kitchens, while today we’re going to look at open plan kitchen and dining spaces.

Often, when we live in a compact home, the kitchen and the dining room are one in the same. But how can you integrate these two key living zones stylishly and sophisticatedly? We’re going to take a peek at 5 of our favourite open plan kitchen and dining rooms, while offering a few design tips and tricks. Want to learn more? Check out the spaces below!

open plan kitchen and dining

via Bodie and Fou

Chic and casual open plan kitchen and dining

The first room we are taking a peek inside is this wonderfully casual and characterful room. Open plan kitchen and dining spaces often neglect their primary function as spaces to gather and relax, opting for overly minimal areas that aren’t warm or welcoming. This example instead ensures that the individuals are able to feel comfy and cosy, while the room offers all practical necessities and modern amenities.

open plan kitchen and dining

via Simplified Bee

Integrated and cohesive

Here at CoContest HQ we see a lot of kitchen design, but this one has definitely a chic and eye-catching example. With upholstered stool seats, and a timber-clad island, the room is timeless and wonderfully age-defiant.

To emulate this in your own dwelling, opt for sturdy and comfortable furniture, well-designed joinery, and a large feature stove, with creative splashback.

open plan kitchen and dining

via Royal Roulotte

A rustic interpretation…

Open plan kitchen and dining rooms often follow a general cohesive pattern of design. However, in this space we see the rules tipped on their head. The overarching design is one that feels casual and nonchalant, bringing a sense of rustic charm and character, while infusing individuality and charisma effortlessly.

The large kitchen island would normally feel far too imposing on the room, but with the added tables and chairs the space is welcoming and warm, while offering its occupants a hospitable space to chat and congregate.

If you’d like to see the space in full, head over here and take a peek.

open plan kitchen and dining

via Nam Dang Mitchell

The statement island

Next up we head inside a seriously chic kitchen and dining space. Open plan and perfectly replete with plenty of gorgeous accoutrements, this area is a cut about the rest. Here the notable feature is definitely the huge marble kitchen island. Making a statement in the room, the dining area is well joined to the rest of the space, ensuring individuals are able to socialise and gather.

Like what you see? Check it out here.

open plan kitchen and dining

via My Scandinavian Home

Open plan style and luxury

Last, but certainly not least, we head inside a gorgeous dwelling that beautifully realises its open plan dreams with style and pizzazz. Here, much like the first example, the designers have opted for a space that brings together the kitchen and the dining room. Seamlessly cohesive, the room is full of ideas for you to emulate and glean for your own abode.

Want to see this entire dwelling in its entirety? Check it out here.

If you’d like to learn more, stay tuned next week for more interior design tips and tricks. We look forward to seeing you!

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