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70s Apartment Undergoes a Gorgeous Renovation

October 17, 2016

The 1970s—a time of great change in the world, and a whirling epoch of social progression. However, for most, the 70s is associated with some seriously questionable trends, some chic, some less than elegant, but all extremely iconic of this inimitable era.

Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe continued their command in the architectural field, while bell bottoms, Saturday Night Fever, sideburns and platforms dominated fashion. However, it was inside the 70s apartment and home that we truly saw some fabulously gaudy and flamboyant décor and design.

Why are we chatting about the 70s you might ask? Today we continue our feature contest series, which takes us back in time where we meet the individuals (a real estate company) who are attempting to update one of their dwellings. A 100 m2 Milan-based apartment, this dated structure was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Replete with unfortunate dark timber doors, a cramped layout, and a frustratingly restricted floor plan, this abode requires some seriously creative and innovative thinking.

The renovation of this apartment will involve a removal of the underfloor heating system, and they wish to add another bedroom if possible. With a couple of structural constraints involving two awkward pillars, it will be interesting to see what our professionals have come up with. Let’s take a peek…

An unflattering 70s apartment pre-renovation

70s apartment

To provide a little background, we are going to take a peek at two of the before images. These wonderfully illustrate the apartment’s dire situation, while offering a 3D view of the indoor spaces. In this image, we see how the room is rather cramped and lacking a sense of modernity. Like many 70s properties, this room is small and cloistered, with regrettable flooring and a lack of natural light.

A not-so-fabulous 70s colour scheme

70s apartment

Further deepening our understanding of this apartment, we head into the corridor to see the general layout of the home. The hallway arches are ubiquitous with this era’s design, while the dark timber framing offers little style to the overall aesthetic. We can’t wait to see how this space might be improved, and how the architects and designers have taken a home that appears less than inviting, and offered it a new lease on life. Let’s have a gander at the winning designs…

A new range of floor plans with detailed options

70s apartment

The first option from Andrea Dessì totally restructures this dated apartment, and shows how a little ingenuity can go a long way! Boasting three new floor plan setups, there is plenty to inspire and encourage. Working with compact spaces can be tough, but this range of options shows comfort and domestic bliss is only limited by the imagination.

Let’s think furniture

70s apartment

One of the more exciting elements when renovating is definitely getting to choose new interior furniture and décor. This image gives us a few ideas about how the newly updated home might appear, with sleek furniture, eye-catching designs and plenty of light filled spaces. The options that have been provided all follow a similar cohesive theme. They are modern and neutral, which is perfect for retaining a timeless and age-defiant home. Additionally, there is a sense of functionality with simple contemporary touches, consequently imparting an effortless style.

A restricted 70s apartment…restructured and remodelled!

70s apartment

The next floor plan shows us an alternative for the 70s apartment. Rearranging the internal walls allows for a large living space, and adds the second and third bedroom as requested. Easily colour coded sections provide an insight into what needs to stay, and what will go, while the furniture is set out neatly in the image below.

3D renders help us visualise the future

70s apartment

As it can often be tricky knowing what a final product might look like, the architect Riva Anna has seamlessly illustrated the result with 3D renders. Brilliantly lifelike, this shows us how the newly formed living area and dining room might look like. With chic designer chairs, a colourful colour scheme, and plenty of storage, this option ticks all of the boxes.

A new internal partition opens up the home

70s apartment

Last, but certainly not least, we check out another option for this 70s apartment. This restructured design imparts a new internal partition, which helps provide structural integrity, while offering a chic open plan design. Here the designer Erisa Grosha has number coded the internal furniture options, in addition to providing a detailed floor plan.

We think this design works extremely well, and really makes the most of the 100 square metres on offer.

What do you think of these options? Add a comment below and let us know!

Stay tuned for another feature contest next week, and start planning your next home renovation with CoContest.

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