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Perfect New Home by a Park in Milan

October 24, 2016

Part of a successful home design is making the most of the dwelling’s situation, positioning and surrounding environment. The property should take stock of its location, and maximise these elements to create the perfect new home, as well as a comfortable, enjoyable and welcoming abode.

Today’s feature contest does just that! We’re taking a peek at a perfect new home situated alongside a large park in Milan. Thanks to its advantageous situation, this residence needed to be designed in a way that would enhance its natural light, and boost views of the surrounding public green space. Last week we took a gander at a 70s dwelling that was to undergo a complete transformation, while today we’re starting from scratch as the home owners have recently purchased an apartment that is currently under construction. Searching for a modern interior design, and possibly altered layout, they are hoping to include the following:

  • Three bedrooms (one master suit with en suite).
  • 2 bathrooms.
  • An open plan living space.
  • An eat-in kitchen.
  • Built-in closets.
  • A hallway utility space and laundry.

The perfect new home layout and floor plan

Perfect New Home

Our first 3D render and home plan has been composed and conceived by Francesca Guidetti. Here we are able to see the wonderful layout and floor plan, which helps to illustrate where each room is located, and how the furniture might be positioned.

The apartment, although not huge, boasts well-designed and open plan rooms, with a range of outdoor terraces. Let’s take a peek at what it might look like inside…

Making the most of the natural illumination

Perfect New Home

Light, bright and fabulous, this perfect new home ticks all of the boxes. Inside this dwelling, we are able to see that timber has been utilised extensively to provide a welcoming warmth. Additionally, sliding doors help remove any hinged hindrance, as larger more traditional doors can often impose on the free-flowing and open aesthetic.

To the left we see the eat-in kitchen that is hidden by glazed sliding doors, while the sitting room and lounge is to the right at the end of the hall.

Gorgeous furnishings and timeless elegance

Perfect New Home

Taking a peek at the formal dining area, we glean a great glimpse and understanding of the architects intentions. The sheer curtains invite in natural light, while the furnishings are timeless, elegant yet on-trend.

Another option, with a traditional aesthetic

Perfect New Home

Next up we have a design from Ypa Sevillano. This interior opts for a more traditional ambience and atmosphere, while still offering modernity and timelessness. The living room and dining space have switched locations in this concept, consequently allowing individuals to make the most of the wonderful sliding doors and terrace.

To keep the area feeling warm, an earthy colour scheme has been implemented. Additionally, downlights replace hanging light fittings, incorporating a contemporary and energy efficient edge.

Cosy sleeping quarters in an age-defiant style

Perfect New Home

In the bedroom the mood is subtle and graceful. Furniture is simple yet age-defiant, while the curtains hang from floor to ceiling. The recessed ceiling space helps the room to feel larger and more commodious, while downlights are efficient and timeless.

Light, bright and modern

Perfect New Home

The third and final concept is stylish and dramatic, designed by Tanya Puchka, a Kiev-based interior designer. One of the key requirements set out in the brief was to utilise some of the family’s existing furniture. This red sofa is one of those pieces, and sits elegantly in the middle of the living room. This interior designer has also opted for the living room to sit against the window, which assists in creating a cosy ambience, as well as positioning the dining table closer to the kitchen.

Graceful and alluring living spaces

Perfect New Home

The colour scheme in this setup is predominately neutral and muted hues. Boasting a graceful air, the room is sure to impress for years to come. Additional furniture ranges from Scandinavian and Nordic touches, to simple and modern. However, it is important to keep contrast within the different living spaces. This is achieved through statement pieces and subtle colour infusions.

A more contemporary place to sleep

Perfect New Home

This bedroom is a far cry from the previous sleeping space example, consequently imparting a modern and casual aesthetic. The room is chic and sleek, offering an illuminated feature wall, with textured paint. What do you think of the combination of materials, textures and patterns? We adore the built-in side tables, silk sheets, and the vintage frames that sit nonchalant against the wall.

Let us know what you thought of this perfect new home in the comments below! And stay tuned for another great feature property next Monday on CoContest!

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