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Rambling Renovators: Today’s Feature Blog

October 27, 2016
rambling renovators

Hi there fellow CoContesters, and welcome to feature blogger Thursday! If you are looking for some home décor and renovation inspiration, you’ve most certainly arrived at your destination. Today we’re heading into remodel territory and will be checking out the Rambling Renovators.

Last week we took a look at 4 Men 1 Lady, while today we’re concentrating on another refurbishment and renovation blogger, Jennifer Flores from Rambling Renovators (RR). If you are waging war with your home’s dull, dreary or dismal décor, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We’re going to be taking a peek at some stylish interiors, while inspiring you to get started on your own home remodel. Interested? Come with us and read on below!

Jennifer and the HandyMan

rambling renovators

via RR

When we take a look at our feature bloggers, it often pays to know who the brains are behind the project. In this case, it is Jennifer: married to HandyMan, and mother to delightful little girl Chloe. Like many bloggers we see here at CoContest, Jennifer started the blog in 2007 to chronicle her life adventures with her family, and record the journey of renovating, updating and transforming their newly purchased abode.

With a passion for design and decorating, as well as an eye for the finer details, Jennifer and her husband have judiciously transformed their 1950s red brick dwelling from nondescript to noteworthy. Boasting experience in architecture (Jennifer’s husband), and consultancy (Jennifer runs a conference for bloggers), the pair have co-authored an architecture book, as well as investing copious volumes of time into the planning and design of their domestic and design lives.

Want to learn more, head over here and keep reading.

A fabulous tour of the family home

rambling renovators

via RR

Jennifer and her husband have cleverly updated the home in a methodical room-by-room fashion. Taking care to focus on the finer details, they have managed to create a dwelling that not only looks good on the outside, but also is a usable and liveable family home. Each space has been afforded a great deal of time and thought, proving that it’s the smaller specifics that make the biggest difference.

If you like what you see, check out each room here.

Beautiful before and after room reveals

Rambling Renovators definitely covers all the bases, and does so utilising a range of interesting before and after images to show us exactly how the new room has been renovated. Each ‘room reveal’ is stylishly documented, providing a huge amount of inspiration to suit a range of different homes.

rambling renovators

The porch before its makover

We get a quick glance at the original back garden and porch area of the home. It certainly is lacking a sense of style, and will require a fresh lick of paint! Let’s see how it turned out…

rambling renovators

The gorgeous porch after renovation

The new exterior space is unbelievable! Fresh, coastal and oozing liveability, it certainly has undergone some major changes.

Traditional yet timeless

rambling renovators

via RR

Jennifer’s style is timeless, and this comes through in all of her designs. Pieces are chosen to suit the space, but also give a sense of chic, age-defiant beauty. This guest room is a wonderful example. Boasting an enduring aesthetic, while feeling sumptuous and inviting, this room is definitely a successful and serene sleeping space.

Like what you see? Check out the full room reveal here.

Staying ‘in the know’

Follow Jennifer and her daily updates on Instagram, and you will find yourself swooning over her selection of gorgeous homewares and impressive interiors. As well as renovating her main residence, a cottage (see above) has also been added to the mix. Wonderfully adorable, replete with a sense of history and heritage, it isn’t hard to imagine yourself curled up in front of the fire, while watching the blustery and chilled autumn’s day outside.

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