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Wall Treatment Ideas: Remodelling Tips

October 29, 2016
wall treatment ideas

Welcome to your Saturday dose of decorating and remodelling inspiration CoContesters! Last week we took a peek at how you can save money on your remodel, while this week we will look at wall treatment ideas for your newly updated dwelling.

Often when we design our abodes, we tend to opt for the standard white paint, or a variation of this. However, there are plenty of different and interesting wall treatment ideas and options that can really allow your home to stand out from the rest.

But where should one begin when choosing a wall covering? We’ve selected 5 of our favourite varieties, which are sure to inspire and delight!

Marble wallpaper

wall treatment ideas

via Bloglovin

Marble is as timeless as it is beautiful, and because of these two crucial qualities, it makes an ideal wall covering for a range of interior spaces. We think it works particularly well in the living room, were you can create an eye-catching focal point, while ensuring your room is elegant and refined.

Now we all know that actually installing a 9-foot piece of solid marble is out of the question for most individuals. Marble is expensive, tricky to install, heavy and high maintenance, but luckily wallpaper is not.

This gorgeously minimal room has employed a textured wallpaper to add a sense of style to the space, while saving money with an easily installed, easy to look after material.

Geometric panelling

wall treatment ideas

via Residence Magazine

Wall panelling comes in a range of different shapes, styles and patterns. Because of this, there is almost definitely something that will suit your home, while matching your budgeting and style requirements. However, when we think of wall panelling, we often associate it with older homes, or loft properties. This needn’t be the case, as cladding and panelling can suit a range of dwellings, including those that are a little more modern or contemporary.

In this bedroom, the wall panelling is new and unique, with a sense of individuality. Geometric lines keep the viewer and occupant interested, while the colour really seals the deal. Want to see the whole home? Head over here and check it out.

Something for the kitchen…

wall treatment ideas

via Behang Fabriek

When we think of wall treatment ideas and inspiration for our home, we often forget that they come in many differing shapes and forms. In the kitchen, we have found a truly ingenious wall covering that can function as a splashback. Heat resistant, waterproof, and most of all stylish, this neat material comes in a range of colours and styles to suit any cooking space.

We took a particular fancy to the concrete pattern, which looks industrial-esque, while enhancing the room’s sophistication and appeal.

Timeless tiles

wall treatment ideas

via Petrina Turner

Tiles are truly one of the most versatile options for your walls. Able to be employed in any room of your house (not just the bathroom) tiles are a wonderfully adaptable and multifaceted alternative to standard wall treatment ideas.

Of course, tiles are also beautiful in the bathroom, and we are specifically taken by the fish scale pattern in this large and luxurious shower.

Wonderful wainscoting

wall treatment ideas

via Beautiful Treasures

As timeless as tiles, with a hint of heritage and history, wainscoting is a wonderful way to impart character. Not only is wainscoting enduring and age-defiant, it also comes in a range of different styles to suit all homes, including contemporary and modern domiciles.

Like what you see in the above hallway? Check out the property in its entirety here.

Which wall treatment is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below! And stay tuned next Saturday for more décor inspiration and ideas.

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