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Creating Unity in your Home: 5 Remodelling Tips

November 5, 2016
creating unity

Welcome to your Saturday dose of decorating and remodelling inspiration CoContesters! Last week we took a peek at some stylish wall treatment options, while this week we will look at creating unity within your dwelling, and how a balanced aesthetic is easily achievable.

Unity, harmony, balance and accord within your interior is a crucial aesthetic that can help impart a sense of cohesion. Creating unity is all about feeling out your space, and engaging with a setup that reflects your personality, your tastes and your preferences. Does you room feel disjointed? Is it lacking an aura of completeness? Or perhaps it simply isn’t inviting? If any of these sentiments ring true, you are going to want to look at your space, and ensure you redecorate with a plan and a strategy.

If you need a few pointers, we’ve gathered our top 5 tips, paired with stylishly elegant, chic and sophisticated rooms that are sure to delight and motivate!

1. It doesn’t have to be minimalist

creating unity

via New Darlings

When you attempt to create a harmonious room, a common opinion is that everything needs to be minimal. Sure, clear that clutter and rid yourself of any unnecessary miscellany, but by no means does your room required to feel bare or austere. Quite the opposite in fact. You can easily create a harmonious and unified dwelling by employing many decorative items. In this example, the designers have opted for a range of interesting accoutrements, which reflect their personality, while helping to instil a sense of eclecticism.

Like what you see? Check out the full interior makeover here.

2. Focus on your furniture placement

creating unity

via Apartment Therapy

This gorgeous living room boasts a unified and harmonic furniture placement – which is exactly what you are going to want to focus on when decorating your own space. Furniture placement is key to a unified interior, and one simple movement of an item can often give an entirely different feel within the area.

Look at the size of each item you own, and remove anything that feels unwieldy within the room. Add a rug to anchor each element, and look at the way your room feels in different furniture configurations.

3. Choose simple yet effective decorations

creating unity

via Anne Sage

Simple yet effective decorations and ornamentations have been employed within this kitchen. These are essential in adding to the overall harmonious ambience, while instilling personality and character within the space. Try not to overdo your accoutrements and always stick to items you have an affinity with. Fresh flowers work well as they can be constantly changed and altered, while light fittings will provide mood and anchor the different room elements together.

4. ┬áSymmetry works, but is not essential…

creating unity

via Residents Understood

Sure, symmetry is one way to create a harmonious and unified interior, but without mixing it up, you can also fall into a trap of boredom and repetitiveness. Take some cues from this symmetrical interior living space. In addition to balance and regularity, the room has subtle differences in style. Pictures on either side of the wall are varied, while the ornamentation on each side table deviates from an identical monotony.

5. Creating unity is all about looking at the bigger picture

creating unity

via Cedar + Suede

Finally, and possibly most importantly, creating unity in your dwelling is all about looking at the bigger picture. This might be hard for the amateur designers, which is why a sketch book, and inspiration board will help immensely. You need to think about what ambience and atmosphere you want to achieve. Consider the aura, the mood and the vibe. Add your furniture based on its synergy with other pieces, and always try to imagine what everything will look like in its completed state. We’re not saying this is easy. In fact, for most professionals this can be the trickiest element and stage in the design process. Gather inspirational imagery, while keeping your desired aesthetic at the forefront of your mind.

If you fancy this abode, check it out at Cedar + Suede.

Are you ready to create your unified and harmonious interior? Stay tuned next Saturday for more fabulous interior inspiration and ideas!


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