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Retail Rejuvenation: A Chic Fashion Store Upgrade

November 7, 2016
retail rejuvenation

On the whole, retailers have several chief aims in mind when it comes to designing, planning and plotting a new store’s aesthetic and ambience. Today we’ll be taking a peek at a successful contest, and how it’s revolutionised the way this company presents and sells its products.

P….S…. fashion is the business in question and operates over 100 shops in more than 10 countries. In adapting and altering the brand’s identity, the company are also looking to refurbish the interior design within their stores. Starting with a store in Belgrade, Serbia, we’ll today be witnessing a retail rejuvenation that is sure to impress!

Last week we looked at an entirely different commercial project: a BnB bedroom makeover, while today we’ll be delving into the interesting world of retail fashion, with a few ideas and inspiration for you to glean and gather. Interested? Read on below and check out this impressive before and after…

Before: The shop’s exterior appearance

retail rejuvenation

The original facade and exterior setup

With an area of between 120-150 square metres, the store is not small, but will have certain limiting factors to contend with. As we can see, the original setup is rather dated, with an unappealing and less than inviting aesthetic. Let’s see what our experts have come up with below!

After: A refreshed and rejuvenated aesthetic

retail rejuvenation

The new concept with an impressive and eye-catching aesthetic

Designed by Michael Huang, this new concept definitely ticks all stylistic boxes. Replete with a clean ambience, and a natural approach, this refreshed entrance is a lovely upgrade.

As per the client’s instructions, the entrance boldly displays the title of the store, while remaining elegant and sophisticated. To keep costs low, the interior features flexible timber accessories, in addition to sustainable materials.

What goes where?

retail rejuvenation

To give you an ideas of the layout and store setup, Huang and his team have created a layered floor plan. This displays the optional overhead storage, as well as the existing layout they had to work with. Each section is labelled to provide an easy visualisation of the final product, while the materials employed in the construction are also visible.

To keep things interesting, a range of different materials have been employed. Plywood fixtures offer a space to display folded garments, while iron displays are rustic yet sophisticated. Finally, leather finishes have been applied to the seating spaces, oozing luxury, and keeping the interior truly opulent.

Before: A functional yet unappealing interior

retail rejuvenation

Taking a look inside the original interior setup, we’re presented with a functional yet standard setup. The clothes are not well merchandised, which leads the overall store to feel cumbersome to the shopper. The ceiling feels far lower than it need be, in addition to the ceiling feeling crowded by fittings. This store is definitely in need of a retail rejuvenation!

After: An engaging, bright, and welcoming ambience

retail rejuvenation

The next concept has been thoughtfully designed by Ljiljana Ognjanovic. Here the architects have worked with the store and brand’s logo to design fixtures and fittings that reflect the company’s identity. Colourful and engaging, the range of bright hues help to add drama and energy within the store.

The clothing is visually merchandised to assist with individuals finding exactly what they are looking for. Instead of crowding internal spaces, garments are gracefully separated into zones. To keep costs low, many of the existing displays have been reused, consequently reducing the need to invest in new equipment.

A real retail rejuvenation! The new and bright entrance…

retail rejuvenation

The newly designed entrance is replete with a bright and inviting aesthetic. Simple to achieve, yet maximally effective, the ambience is playful and cheerful. When designing a new retail boutique or concession, it is important to know your audience and desired customer base. This retail rejuvenation has done just that! Working in favour of a young professional, yet playful clientele, this colourful entrance is sure to turn heads.

What do you think of this winning design? We particularly like the asymmetry of the setup, and the way the designer has utilised a ow-cost yet effective way to rejuvenate the entire space.

Earthy, bright hues and plenty of eye-catching accoutrements

retail rejuvenation

From Ornella Vaudo, this intriguing design is definitely a stylish possibility. The layout and plan for this store is seen in the small schematic to the left, in addition to the perspective and view. The store’s new design is based on the logo’s shape and form. The dropped ceiling helps provide a sense of depth within the shop, while the earthy hues add a richness and engaging aesthetic.

Two different types of wall displays are presented. Firstly, the traditional example offers a classic ‘closet’ design, while the second offers merchandising versatility. Ideal for a range of different items, this particular setup could suit new items or ‘on-trend’ pieces.

Retail rejuvenation: rethinking the store’s fixtures

retail rejuvenation

Finally, we zoom in for a closer look at some of the fixtures and display racks. These are placed haphazardly throughout the store, and allow for a maze-like area for customers to wander and explore. The colour scheme is of particular note in this design, with bright hues denoting the different sections of the space. The flooring is a light timber tone, while the built-in cupboards and display cabinets are a contrasting dark timber hue. The ceiling is painted black, with elements of the logo dropped down to reflect the company’s brand identity.

Which design do you prefer – why not let us know by leaving a comment below?

If you want more, stay tuned next week for another fabulous feature contest from CoContest!

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