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Difficult Layouts: Redesigning an Entrance-Study

November 14, 2016

Designing an entrance is a tricky business – not only do you need to consider its effect on other areas of the home, but you need to ensure it’s practical and inviting too.

Welcome back CoContesters! Today we are going to be taking a look at how to deal with difficult layouts. Our feature property is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury condo in San Francisco’s Soma district, which boasts an entrance-cum-home workspace that requires renovation and a new lease on life. Last week we took a peek at a a retail store rejuvenated, while today we will be checking out a residential residence.

This dwelling’s layout means the study and office is essentially an entrance as it functions in a transitional way leading individuals into the living room. Due to this, it needs a re-design that will allow it to offer a usable and functional aesthetic, while still feeling inviting and welcoming. As stated by the client “the objective is to pull people into the room and not be just transitional”.

In saying this, they requested the room be employed as a study, and not as a dining room, which would almost certainly turn into an office over time. Due to the unique and interesting layout, our experts are going to have their work cut out for them! Are you interested to see what concepts have been designed? Read on below and check them out.

The original space

Difficult Layouts

Pre-renovation: the original space

As we can see from the original space, the room is rather simple, with a dark hardwood floors, and simple white walls. The room is fairly large; around 12 square metres, and boasts a simple floor plan. However, due to its situation and placement it is definitely going to require innovative and creative thinking.

To give you an idea of the layout, if you turn right you enter the kitchen and the main living room (as well as have access to the guest bedroom and bath); or turn left to enter the master bedroom and bath.

Difficult layouts become fabulous interiors

Difficult Layouts

The first design is from Ana Milovanovic. Conceived as a quiet library and workspace, the room is definitely an impressive departure from its original state. Built-in shelving forms the foundation of this elegant and graceful room, while curated artworks and minimalist furniture offer a sophisticated aesthetic.

From another angle

Difficult Layouts

Taking a look from another angle we see the statement furniture and range of built-in shelving. Mirrors have been employed to expand the interior spaces, and offer a sense of reflective spaciousness. A multi-functional room, this design makes the most of the tricky situation of the area and utilises it to its fullest.

Transforming difficult layouts

Difficult Layouts

In order to get a good idea about how the room is laid out, we take a peek at the architect’s floor plan and schematic. Each item is provided a corresponding number, which shows the piece of furniture or architectural detail. This concept has actually helped the room become simpler and less convoluted. Storage is employed to assist with staying clutter free, while the minimalist layout and design exudes glamour, lavishness and maximum functionality.

An alternative space
Difficult Layouts

Next up we check out a design from Kristina Krasteva. This option seamlessly offers up another solution to this room’s tricky layout. Instead of opting for the built-in design of the previous concept, this design employs an earthy and open aesthetic, with a simple set of furniture to create warmth and purposefulness.

The timber feature boasts a clock, while the standout item is definitely the designer chair and ottoman. With a subdued yet engaging wall hue, the raw yet neutral aesthetic shines through with style and sophistication.

A range of stylistic options

Difficult Layouts

From Giovanna Perna we get a chance to peek inside our next concept and design for this space. Warm and welcoming, this range of details offers a few inspirational ideas, including some chic built-in shelving for the bookcases. The colour scheme is predominantly darker, with plenty of brighter whites added to illuminate the overall ambience.

The furniture is modern and eye-catching, with the designer opting for pieces that stand out and make a statement. As a workspace is desired, one of the additional extras includes a desk that can be added to the shelving. This practical inclusion transforms this room from simple reading space to comfortable home office. Working with difficult layouts can be challenging, but this design makes it look simple and easy.

A look at the final setup

Difficult Layouts

To give you an idea of how this room may turn out, this 3D render has been employed. This accurately displays the neat, tidy and sophisticated interior. As one possible option for this home, the space is now a fully-fledged room, instead of a thoroughfare. Thanks to this it definitely imparts purpose and functionality within the condo. Instead of operating as a transitory space, it is now a home office, entrance, gathering space and relaxation room.

Which setup did you think worked best? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

And stay tuned for another sleek, chic and inspiring contest next Monday!

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