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Christmas 2016: Remodelling and Design Tips

November 26, 2016
christmas 2016

Guess what CoContesters…it’s that time of the year once again! That’s right, Christmas 2016 is upon us. Are you ready to deck the halls and trim that tree? We’ve got you covered with five of our favourite designs that are sure to inspire and impress.

Last week we took a look at apartment nurseries, while this week we’ll be taking a peek at what you can do to get your home festively prepared for the season. Christmas 2016 has definitely presented us with a range of different style and options, which often brings us back to what we really love here at CoContest: inspiring and inventive interiors and ideas. From the traditional to the trendy, we’ve collated 5 of our favourite designs for you to emulate and copy. Ready to take a peek? Check out our list below…

Modern nostalgia from The Makerista

christmas 2016

via The Makerista

Whether you’re a traditionalist or not, this first design is definitely going to turn heads. Contemporary, characterful and charismatic all rolled into one, this is a standout tree and setting.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then look no further than this gorgeous white creation from The Makerista. Bursting with a charming sense of snowy nostalgia, yet replete with a more modern aesthetic, this design is definitely going to delight and impress all that visit your home.

We love the bold black star that sits atop the tree, while each individual ornament has been carefully selected by the family.

Simple, neutral accessorising

christmas 2016

via Domayne

Often when we decorate our abode for the festive season, we’re so taken by all of the colours we forget to stick to a theme or scheme. The best way to achieve your designed ambience and Christmas aura is to pick perhaps one or two hues and only employ those shades. This is a rather foolproof way to decorate and design, ensuring your interior will remain sophisticated and chic

This notion is exhibited in the image above, which shows us a gorgeously neutral colour scheme. The pieces are thoughtful and stylish, while still offering a sense of tradition and history. Like what you see? Check it out here.

Don’t overdo it!

christmas 2016

via The Merry Thought

The expression ‘less is more’ doesn’t get thrown around much during the festive season. Let’s face it, when it comes to the food, the gifts, the bad sweaters, it’s usually the more the merrier. However, your interior decoration is often another matter altogether. Unless you enjoy embracing a maximalist mess of jovial hodgepodge, you’ll likely want to keep things simple.

The example above is a brilliant demonstration of how a little goes a long way, and can actually work in a far more successful manner than its over-decorated counterpart.

Embrace tradition

christmas 2016

via The Lilypad Cottage

Of course, if you like to embrace Christmas in all its festivity, you might want to opt for something that follows the typical seasonal glory. Take your cues from the impressive room above, in addition to opting for a range of stylish yet classic options.

If you’d like to see this room in its entirely, follow the link here.

A very merry Nordic Christmas

christmas 2016

via Daily Dream Decor

This Ikea setup definitely challenges our views of what the Swedish mega-store can offer. Replete with a sense of charming simplicity, this Scandinavian decor is unforgettably festive. Let Christmas 2016 be filled with impressive, consequently reusable items that will fill your home with classic style and merry cheer. Think snowflakes, white throw blankets, sumptuous thick pile rugs, paper lantern lights and lavish glassware.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Let us know in the comments below! 

And stay tuned for more fabulous decorating and design advice next Saturday on CoContest!

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