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A Luxurious Apartment in Havana is Transformed

November 28, 2016

Vibrant Spanish colonial architecture, gorgeously preserved vintage automobiles zooming around the Plaza de Armas… That’s right CoContesters, pack your bags: we’re heading to Cuba!

As one of the most interesting and seemingly well-preserved cities in the Caribbean, Havana is definitely an alluring destination. Last week we took a peek at an attic apartment that was undergoing transformation, while today we’ll be heading over to the dazzling island nation of Cuba to see how a luxurious apartment might be renovated.

The brief was as follows: redesign a luxury apartment in Havana with a modern and minimalist aesthetic. As an extremely compact space, the design needed to embrace an open and airy ambience, while maximising usability and practicality. The home needed to include the following:

  • An open plan living space.
  • A small kitchen with a bar, ideal for mojito/cuba libre making.
  • A sofa bed or rollaway for guests.
  • A bathroom with shower instead of bath.

Are you interested to see what our professionals have designed? Read on below to find out!

The floor plan and option number 1

luxurious apartment

First things first, we’ll take a look at the floor plan. It’s often a good idea to see where exactly everything is located in order to understand 3D renders. Here we see a design by Giovanna Procopio, in addition to plenty of furniture options. These options maximise the luxury apartment’s usability, while offering a chic aesthetic. There are a few different possibilities for sofa beds, each ensuring the living room can be practical for visitors and guests.

The luxurious apartment living room

luxurious apartment

As we check out the 3D render of the above floor plan we see the modern aesthetic that has been implemented and designed. Light colour schemes assist in bringing in the natural light and reflecting it around the room. A stylish timber bar joins to the compact kitchen, and its pattern is reflected in other pieces of furniture throughout the apartment. Light, bright and airy, this design definitely maximises an easy-going yet conversely sophisticated atmosphere.

The new shower transformation

luxurious apartment

In this image we see the new bathroom, which has transformed a large yet unneeded bathtub into a new sparkling shower. Replete with marble walls and floor tiles, this room is undeniably luxurious, while still offering practicality and liveability. We’re also able to see the stylish high gloss timber floors that have been offered as a suggestion for this space. Now let’s take a look at option number 2…

Maximising space and living options

luxurious apartment

Next up, we check an alternate design by Francesca Guidetti. The design and style of this living room certainly doesn’t disappoint. Luxuriously adorned with parquet timber flooring and an oversized sofa/bed, this room ticks all the boxes.

At the end of the room sits the compact bar, which would comfortably seat two or three guests and visitors. The colour scheme is slightly darker than the aforementioned example, yet feels subtly sophisticated and alluring.

A sumptuous sleeping space

luxurious apartment

Within the bedroom the theme of sophistication is continued. A cow hide rug sits atop the parquetry floor and sets the stylish scene. The four-poster bed was added and imparts a sense of grandiosity within the space. Although this may seem overkill for such a small room, it is actually perfectly situated and doesn’t overwhelm the room in the slightest.

Of particular note is the feature wall and bold colour scheme that is employed. Boasting a wallpapered map and bright charcoal feature, this is an unforgettable space.

A small yet functional kitchen

luxurious apartment

Definitely a bar for those who love to entertain, this small kitchen is replete with a stylish space to make drinks and a beautiful sense of festivity. The exposed two-way shelving is perfect for displaying bottles of liquor, while the roomy aesthetic leaves the area open to many different purposes.

Chic modern living

luxurious apartment

Finally, we turn around to take a peek at the luxurious apartment living room. Effortlessly luxurious, we are instantly drawn to the designers use of individual armchairs and a matching two-seater. The aura and ambience within this room is certainly one of luxury, lavishness, pizzazz, and of course a true sense of Cuban opulence.

What did you think of these options to transform this luxurious apartment? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

And stay tuned for another stunning context next Monday on CoContest!

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