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Christmas Preparation: 8 Remodelling Tips

December 3, 2016
Christmas preparation

As we head into the beginning of December, now is definitely a good time to think about your home, and what you can do to improve it for the festive season! Today CoContesters, we’re going to take a peek at some Christmas preparation, with 8 handy remodelling tips.

Christmas is often the busiest time for many, so it’s a good idea to remember that any house improvements should be rather quick and effortless,¬†while still enhancing your abode for the coming festivities. Don’t think too big! But instead focus on little things that have been nagging you for months. Last week we looked at some Christmas decor ideas and inspiration, while this week we’ll delve into Christmas preparation and how you can get your home ready for the big day!

1. Sort out your dining situation

Christmas preparation

via My Scandinavian Home


Are you hosting dinner? Or perhaps a little Chrissy get-together with friends? If you’re having guests come to visit, it’s a good idea to look at your dining room setup and give it a little makeover. Ensure you have the correct amount of chairs, while repairing any that might be damaged. Invest in a good tablecloth to cover an old or ugly table, in addition to focusing your attention on your glassware and crockery. Throw away anything with chips and replace it, to guarantee your space is in tip top shape.

2. Fix any door squeaks

Christmas preparation

via Apartment Therapy

Door squeaks are guaranteed to drive you bonkers, and with extra people in your home, now is a good time to ensure all your doors and windows have been oiled to work easily and efficiently.

3. Clear your domestic clutter

Christmas preparation

via Dreamy Whites

Home clutter is sure to dampen your festive spirit, but can be easily removed and cleaned away. Take some time to audit your belongings, removing anything that is unnecessary or in the way. Not only will your new minimal abode offer a refreshed ambience, it will give you room to redecorate for the holiday.

Do you like the above sleek and chic space? Check it out in its entirety here.

4. Focus attention on your entrance

Christmas preparation

via Brunch on Sunday

With more individuals stepping into your home over the holidays, it pays to have a well organised and functional entrance. Take some cues from this stylish and clean example, while focusing on storage, and plenty of space for winter clothing.

We love the way this room is both inviting and also trans-seasonal. Opt for neutral hues and inviting textiles to ensure your entry is welcoming and hospitable.

5. Don’t forget your bedroom

Christmas preparation

via Lynzy & Co

Over Christmas its fairly normal to have friends and family come and stay. For this reason you need to ensure your dwelling is equipped to handle the extra visitors. Pay close attention to your guest bedrooms, as well as your own, and decorate with sumptuous linen and plenty of throws. The temperature certainly dips over the festive period, and for this reason, switching out your bed linen for a softer alternative can ensure you and your guests are cosy and comfy. This bedroom has certainly got it right, with simple decorations, and plenty of inviting vibes.

6. Hide wall dents and scratches with festive art

Christmas preparation

via Apartment Therapy


Does your home have a few dents and scratches you’d like to remove, but simply do not have the time? Instead of repainting and refinishing walls, you can give your home a quick spruce up by placing your festive decorations over these scuffs and scrapes, hiding them effortlessly!

7. Look at your tree placement

christmas preparation

via My Scandinavian Home

Let’s face it, Christmas preparation is all about the tree! However, when it comes to it, we often don’t think thoroughly about where it should actually go. Instead of placing it in it’s common spot this year consider the following:

  • Keep it near a window. This will ensure it doesn’t overheat or dry out fro the heating.
  • Your tree can hide ugly walls. If there is something you’d rather cover, but don’t have time, consider placing it surreptitiously in front of the space.
  • Take your cues from the example above and go minimal. Less is sometimes more. Yes, even at Christmas time! Opt for less and keep your room feeling neat and organised.

8. Soften your lighting

Christmas preparation

via Daily Dream Decor

For many, lighting at home is a real issue. Bulbs and downlights can be bright, and if you don’t have the time to install a dimmer switch, this can mean you dwelling lacks ambience and atmosphere.

Softer light doesn’t have to stick around for simply the holidays, you can keep your lanterns and lamps the entire year. This will ensure your home is inviting and sumptuous, while still functionally versatile.

Like what you see in the above festive living room? Check it out here.

What does your Christmas preparation look like? Let us know below! And stay tuned next Saturday for more inspiring interior and ideas!

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