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The Ultimate Apartment Remodel

December 5, 2016

Designing an apartment from scratch can be a pretty daunting task. Let’s face it, with so many things to consider, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals for some expert opinions and advice!

Today’s contest has done just that, and opted to engage some experts to ensure this new apartment receives all the attention it deserves. We’ve dubbed this one the ultimate apartment remodel for its ingenious use of space, with eye-catching interior areas and a sense of welcoming hospitality. Last week we took a peek at a remodel in Havana, Cuba, while today we’re headed inside a 71 square metre, ground floor apartment that is sure to inspire! Would you like to learn more? Read on below and check out what our professionals have thought up, and how they intend to transform this apartment…

The brief…

Apartment Remodel

The brief for this apartment was fairly simple. Essentially, this newly constructed dwelling was in the process of being built, and required a plan to divide the internal spaces. Set over two levels, the ground floor apartment was in need of some internal divisions to offer both freedom and privacy. The rooms needed to provide cohesive living areas, while maximising light and boosting open space. The following design preferences were stipulated:

  • Bedrooms should be modern. A walk-in closet is preferable, and the second bedroom should function as a temporary study.
  • The basement should be able to accommodate up to 12 guests, and set up as a dining space.
  • The new design needs to enhance and evoke a sense of open plan living.
  • The kitchen needs to boast an island with a snack/dining space for four people.

The new layout with open plan living

Apartment Remodel


First things first we need to check out the floor plan. This interpretation is by Cristina Casadei and comes replete with an interesting and highly liveable apartment remodel. Simple and easy to understand, the ground floor is divided into a clear and uncomplicated set of rooms. Possibly designed to reflect the original division of space, the newly organised dwelling sees a large open plan kitchen and living space, with a master bedroom and small studio.

Instant access is provided to the living area, and offers a unique environment with a clear and cohesive flow of energy. Upstairs a small bathroom includes a shower, with built-in storage, while downstairs the larger bathroom offers additional bathing space.

A fabulously engaging apartment remodel

Apartment Remodel

Here we’re given a little inspiration for how the designer would like to see the apartment furnished. Simple and sleek, the options include a Nordic aesthetic and ambience, with light timber tones and a crisp, yet warm atmosphere.

Downstairs however, the aura is a little richer, with plenty of rustic tones and a sense of depth and intensity. As this area is the main entertaining space, the decor needed to focus on warm timber finishes and bright yet timeless hues.

So, where is everything going?

Apartment Remodel


Next up we take a peek at an alternate option. This design is by Progetti Arch & Co, and boasts an interesting revised layout. This engaging design flows around the central entrance, in addition to the living room and kitchen. As opposed to the first example, this design opts for a larger master bedroom, with angled bed and built-in robe. The second smaller bedroom is situated neatly in the extra floor space, while a work area adds practicality.

The kitchen boasts a peninsular design, with seating for four, and room to prepare and cook food. Additionally, we see the furniture and colour scheme choices. These are richly toned, while offering an enduring sense of age-defiance.

Plenty of internal options and layout choices

Apartment Remodel

Our second designer Gianluca Ferranti shows us how to pair interesting, light filled furniture options, with stylishly simple aesthetics. Furniture is constructed from natural timber to evoke a sense of openness, while bright hues add verve and energy to the space.

Planning furniture…

Apartment Remodel Planning furniture is often exciting, while also being the most challenging stage of an apartment remodel. When opting for timelessness and an enduring aesthetic, it’s important to consider the ambience and atmosphere of your space. These inspirational images from our expert show us the balanced combination of rustic and modern. With warm tones and rich, engaging hues this design certainly impresses!

What did you think of the new layout for this exciting apartment? Let us know your thoughts below…

And stay tuned next Monday, when we check out another interesting contest!

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