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Double interview: Dr. Barberis & DGA Architetti

December 12, 2016

Hi CoContesters,

Today we will interview one of our client Pierenzo Barberis and the studio “DGA Architetti” who won his Contest on our platform. The Contest was launched to receive projects of a pharmacy Dr. Barberis wanted to renovate.

 My new pharmacy and home nearby to Asti

Let’s start with him:

How did you hear about CoContest?

Dr. Barberis: I was surfing the Internet and I found you.

How did you find our service?

Dr. Barberis: My CoContest experience wasn’t a conventional work. It is a property divided in three, one devoted to commercial use (pharmacy), one to a clinic and one to myself. I was given valuable support to define the physical and functional requirements, the restrictions of the Urban Planning and neighbourhood. It was particularly useful to communicate with the designers on the website during the contest.

Do you think it was a good choice to prefer an online service rather than a traditional offline architect? What kind of added value you can get from preferring this kind of service?

Dr. Barberis: Before launching the Contest I contacted a few architectural firms but I didn’t have the feeling to find people who would use the imagination and passion to focus on the solution that would have amazed me. Undoubtedly, the added value lies in the variety of designers that participate with their ideas and so the possibility to choose from different ideas.

Would you suggest CoContest to anyone? Who?

Dr. Barberis: I would definitely recommend it to those who want to realize a project: they have ideas but not the skills, tools and methodological culture to do so. Especially, I would recommend it to those who want to evaluate more projects approached by different people using different methods before investing money.

 My new pharmacy and home nearby to Asti

Do you think it was useful to launch a Contest on our website obtaining dozens of projects?

Dr. Barberis: It was crucial and the solution I chose wasn’t even considered before. I received 6 projects, all with interesting and original ideas. The project I chose was the one that best responded to my requirements as well as the one that best met the requirements of the Urban planning, also it allowed me to access to the available tax benefits.

Compared to the offline prices, what do you think about the prices of our service? Would you have paid more for these projects?

Dr. Barberis: I can certainly say that I am totally satisfied for the received projects and the incurred cost was at least 2 times less than the prices of an offline architect. I would have paid a lot more. Indeed, what matters is that I would not have had the same possibility to choose among different ideas.

Did you contact the winner architect after the end of the Contest? Why did you decide to proceed with an online contact? How was it?

Dr. Barberis: I have contacted the winner studio to know them. They are well-equipped architects with preparation and fantasy. I decided to continue the project with the CoContest architects because I believe enthusiasm matters more than experience. They finalised the preliminary and the final project with the necessary adjustments. Everything went well. In a few days the Municipality should release the building permit and then I will start with the work. The plan is to have the work completed in mid-2018. Thanks DGA Architetti!front-inizio

About DGA Architetti:

When did you start your career as studio? How did it evolve?

DGA Architetti: We started immediately after we graduated in 2010 at the Politecnico of Turin. After several collaborations with architectural studios in Turin, we started to work independently. In 2012, we decide to found our studio “Dgaarchitetti”.

Architectonic Inspiration: Which one are the designers or studios that you like or that have been inspiring you? Are there any artists, or publication, from which you take inspiration?

DGA Architetti: Certainly we are interested in the work and projects of the greatest worldwide architects such as Herzog & de Meuron, BIG, Snøhetta that are everywhere on the magazines and the blogs of architecture. However, those who inspire and affect us with their work are small and medium firms with works of great architectural value, such as modus architects, noa *, Labics etc. We think it is more important the work than the name behind it.

What is the style that you generally use on your projects? How did you develop it? We have noticed that you created and artistic and easily recognizable style in the 3D renders. What has been your path from the beginning of your first contests to where you are now?

DGA Architetti: We think the most important thing when we design is to meet the needs of the clients: we prioritise and spend a lot of time in analysing their demands to find the best way to satisfy them. In a platform like CoContest, dialogue is essential since there is the possibility to ask questions to the clients and to receive replies from them. The 3D image is becoming more valuable in the world of the design and architecture, especially when people are not professional so thanks to the renders they will completely understand the idea of design. We really count on this and we try to improve ourselves every time.

How do you think that CoContest is changing the panorama of the interior design?

DGA Architetti: We think that a platform like CoContest is allowing us to expand the client base; we believe the technology and the ability to interface more easily with other worldwide has not only changed the way we live, we travel, we move and we pay but also our profession. This allowed us to work very differently: today it is possible to more easily realize the projects for individuals and companies from everywhere.

Have the customers of CoContest ever contacted you after winning a Contest? How was the relationship with the customer? Have you seen one of your projects realized?

DGA ArchitettiYes, we have been contacted several times. Clients sometimes needed only a comparison and a more detailed explanation of our project proposal. In two contests we have been contacted to estimate the price of a final design project, only one of them was successful. At the moment, we are following the interesting project of Dr. Barberis. The relationship with him is more than positive; we also have improved the project presented during the contest.


How do you believe that the market of the architecture will change in the future? How much potential can you see in the Internet? In which manner do the client choose between the online and offline service?

DGA Architetti: For young designers like us, it is very difficult to gain reputation in the architectural market. Today, the Internet offers the opportunity to expand our user base and it gives to the customers the opportunity to choose the best designer according to his needs. Definitely it will become more popular the online design in the future but the offline architect will remain a key figure for the work direction, hence the importance of greater collaboration among professionals.

My new pharmacy and home nearby to AstiYou have won many contests this year with some high prices, what do you think of them? Are they so low as your colleagues say?

DGA Architetti: Our idea is that one has to carefully choose to which contest apply: first evaluate the type of contest, the amount and quality of information provided by the customer and mostly the prize. The prizes we have awarded correspond to the quantity and quality of the work we have done. We believe that a customer who offers low prizes will get low-level projects. We never apply to these contests because we want match the amount of work we are use to do mostly as we want to maintain a high level of quality in our projects





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