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The Remarkable Transformation of an Apartment

December 12, 2016
remarkable transformation

Style, minimalism, comfort and functionality – these are the things that the owners of this yet-to-be-renovated apartment were seeking when they enlisted the help of our architects and designers here at CoContest.

Approximately 126 square metres, this second floor flat is nestled within a small residential building, which is currently under construction. As the condominium stairs have been finished, the owners now seek designs to adorn and decorate their dwelling to accommodate their exacting specifications and needs. Last week we took a look at the ultimate apartment remodel, while today we’ll see what remarkable transformation has occurred within this new structure.

Light filled and boasting an enviable three balconies, this property enjoys morning sunlight to the left of the entrance, and afternoon sun to the right side of the apartment. Open and full of potential, today’s contest offers a range of impressive and delightful possibilities.

The essentials:

remarkable transformation

The home in it un-renovated state

The owners of this home stipulated a thoughtful list of essentials, with their new home requiring the following:

  • A small and welcoming entrance area.
  • An office. This room functions as a place to welcome and receive guests, while offering privacy from the rest of the house.
  • Living room. The living room contains the dining room, in addition to being separated from the other areas of the house by a sliding partition.
  • Kitchen. Sleek and easy to access, the kitchen should sit on the left side of the apartment, with an island and table.
  • Master bedroom. Large and luxurious, while offering a balcony and walk-in closet.
  • Bedroom. As the owners have children, the second bedroom should accommodate two children, in addition to a small workspace.
  • Main family bathroom. The family bathroom is a central and essential domestic space. The owners stipulated their need for a bathtub, bidet, toilet and double washbasin.
  • Second smaller bathroom. Thanks to the large size of this apartment, a second bathroom can be included with the potential for a small hidden laundry room.
  • Storage room. Located in the kitchen, this storage room is an essential domestic fixture.


remarkable transformation

As for the design of their home, they supplied this image as an indicator of their decor preferences. Light timber tones abound, while the contemporary nature of this space is enlightening and eye-catching. The interior colour scheme is white, while attention-to-detail is paramount!

Wall heating is a must, in addition to false ceilings that provide recessed lighting with LED track lights. Finally, contemporary polished parquet adorns the floor, and imparts a sense of luxury and a chic ambience.

A remarkable transformation indeed!

remarkable transformation

Designed by Diego Ratti, this first impression leaves us with a definite case of apartment envy! The main concept surrounding this design is to create an organic aesthetic, enhanced by curved wall sections. The open plan core and centre of this floor plan creates a lobby, while a private entrance offers an ingress within the office.

To the right of this image we see the furniture options. Contemporary and modern, these choices effortlessly enhance the natural shapes within the dwelling, while boosting a sense of timeless style.

An alternative layout and floor plan

remarkable transformation

Next up, we check out an alternative design. This second image and setup has been conceived by Stefano Nodari and comes replete with a host of gorgeous interior ideas and inspiration. Switching up the layout, the design moves the master bedroom to the other side of the apartment, while the kitchen sits at the front of the dwelling. The living room sits centrally, while still protected by the small entrance hall.

What do you think of this design? We are sure this remarkable transformation could definitely provide a few hints and ideas for your own abode! If you’re considering a domestic renovation or remodel, CoContest offers a range of options that will save you money and inspire some seriously stylish interior ideas!

Furnishing and decorating this apartment…

remarkable transformation

For a remarkable transformation, you need striking furniture. What do you think of these options and choices? The furniture is a key design element within this newly renovated apartment. Contemporary and light, the options provided here emulate and emit a Nordic aesthetic, while simplicity and elegance is definitely a key attribute.

Another neat and stylish design

remarkable transformation

Last, but certainly not least, we check out our third and final design. Put together by Cristina Casadei, this option certainly provides an open plan and highly liveable aesthetic. In this setup the central area isn’t opened up like the previous design, but instead moves the living spaces to the front of the dwelling. Completely open plan, the bedrooms are then grouped together, each with its own bathroom.

Which setup and design is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

And stay tuned next Monday CoContesters, for another look at a fabulously successful contest!

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