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2017 Colour Schemes: Remodelling Tips

December 17, 2016
2017 colour schemes

As we dip our toes further into the long and relentless winter, it’s often a good time to start planning New Year’s resolutions. For us it will be decorating with fresh spring hues. And where better¬†to start than the Pantone 2017 list of top colours, shades and tones?

Today we’re going to take a peek at the Pantone 2017 colour list, while checking out 10 interiors that include these hues with style and sophistication. Last week we took a look at how to decorate for Christmas, while today’s article will head into the new year, with tonnes of inspiring design advice. 2017 colour schemes are bright, lively and energetic, in addition to plenty of subtle and rich hues that add verve and vivacity to any interior. Would you like to learn more?¬†Read on below and pick your favourite!

Primrose Yellow

2017 colour schemes

We’re starting off with the crowd favourite – an enduring yet bright hue that offers sparkling heat and vitality. Sure to illuminate any room within your house or apartment, Primrose Yellow works particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms. Like the above interior? You can check it out here.

Pale Dogwood

2017 colour schemes

2017 colour schemes are all about rejuvenation and living life to the fullest, which is why we love the Pale Dogwood hue in the above bedroom. Subtle yet packing a seriously chic punch, this peaceful shade is sure to evoke serenity and tranquillity.


2017 colour schemes

Hazelnut is a key neutral hue that works brilliantly in any interior. Timeless and earthy, this colour is exceptional in virtually every room of the house. It’s been incorporate well in the above living room, with plenty of calm muted tones and nutty shades.

Island Paradise

2017 colour schemes

Refreshing, vital and tranquil, Island Paradise takes 2017 colour schemes to the next level. Are you dreaming of an escape? Take a peek at this interior, which makes us feel as though we’ve travelled across the seas to far warmer climes!


2017 colour schemes

Definitely one of the undisputed favourites of spring’s colour list, Greenery is reminiscent of frondescent fabulousness, and will brighten your home with its fertile sense of reinvention. Take some cues from the above bedroom and go to town by painting your entire space a luminous shade of greenery.


2017 colour schemes

Fun, lively and confident, this flamboyant hue is great when paired with other less fiery shades. In this living room Flame features on one single wall, consequently employing a sense of theatrically to the space.

Pink Yarrow

2017 colour schemes

Tempting and sexy, Pink Yarrow is the colour you want to employ when you are attempting to achieve a bright, vibrant ambience within your space. Stimulating and tempestuous, this captivating tone is seen to boost your room’s aura, while offering a true sense of elegance.

Like the room above? Check it out here.


2017 colour schemes

Predicted to be the most popular of all the hues next spring, Niagara is definitely a classic tone you’re going to want to pay attention to. Easy and relaxing, this colour is impressively versatile and truly sophisticated.



Another green hue, with a much darker ambience, this rich hue offers a sense of health and renewal, while boosting refinement and grace with ease.

The room above is a perfect example, with industrial accessories, characterful furniture and elegant accoutrements.

Lapis Blue

2017 colour schemes

Last, but certainly not least, we check out Lapis Blue. Confident and enduring, this rich shade offers radiance and style, with plenty of versatility and cultivation. The gorgeous room above has employed a contrasting orange shade, which excellently increases the eye-catching aesthetic and aura.

Which colour is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below…

And stay tuned for more decorating advice next Saturday!

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