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A Transformed Penthouse Apartment in Sicily

December 19, 2016

With picturesque views over Mt Etna, today’s incredible feature contest takes us to vibrant Southern Italy, and is sure to impress, enthral and delight!

Located in the north of Syracuse, on the island of Sicily, today’s contest is truly impressive. Last week we took a peek inside a remarkable apartment renovation, while today we’ll be checking out a penthouse home with abundant potential! With everything needing to be undertaken from scratch, our CoContest designers and architects have been offered a lot of leeway to produce an innovative and original design. Are you interested to see what they have created and conceived? Read on below to check out this transformed penthouse, in addition to gleaning a few tips and tricks for your own abode.

The view

transformed penthouse

If there is one thing that we love here at CoContest, it’s a home with a view. Boasting views of the sea and Mt Etna, this dwelling is filled with potential.

Although the apartment is not located directly at the shoreline, it certainly offers a sense of tranquillity and serenity. We can’t wait to see what the designers have come up with! Let’s check out the interior next…

The apartment

transformed penthouse

Located within an older building, the current state of the home is rather unfortunate. As stated by the owners of the apartment, everything needs to be done from scratch.

Updating a rather larger dwelling that is in a state of disrepair is never easy, but luckily our CoContest architects are up to the task! As for the brief, the clients have stated they would like the following essentials:

  • Three bedrooms.
  • Two bathroom. One may be an en suite for the master bedroom, and bathtubs are not essential.
  • Timber flooring.
  • Radiators for warmth, in addition to an alarm system, and lighting, electrical and plumbing design.
  • A light, bright colour palette of white hues, while boosting a sense of minimalism and modernity.
  • Classic furniture features, with some vintage touches.

The floor plan of the new transformed penthouse

transformed attic

To give you a better idea of the actual shape and size of this home, we’ve headed straight to one of our successful submissions. Designed by O.L2 Studio in Palermo, this setup is perfect for a larger family, with sleeping space for at least 6 individuals.

The dwelling has a slight curvature to it, but this has not had a negative effect on the home’s sense of cohesiveness and functionality. Large and full of potential, this setup includes a host of storage and ample living spaces for the whole family.

Light, bright and airy interior spaces

transformed attic

To understand the above floor plan we quickly take a peek at one of the 3D renders. This image shows us the living room, with dining space and entrances to the study and kitchen. Clean, crisp and a complete departure from the original abode, this new setup is minimalist and truly opulent.

A winning design and a transformed penthouse

transformed attic

Our winning submission comes from Michele Giuseppe Onali and is warm, welcoming and wonderfully inventive. A far more open layout, consequently this design feels liveable and practical for easy family living. Sleeping at least four individuals, the rooms are slightly larger, with an emphasis on the living areas and potential to entertain friends.

Cohesive layout with a sense of movement

transformed attic

Taking a quick peek inside the children’s bedrooms, we’re able to see how the architect has utilised glass walls to ensure a sense of openness. However, privacy is smartly maintained. This entire double bedroom is situated within its own larger room, ensuring personal space for the children, as well as an functional area for the adults to keep a watchful eye on their little ones.

Storage is essential, and is included throughout the home. This boosts the feeling of usability, while reducing clutter and the potential for mess or chaos.

Something a little different

transformed attic

Our next example is slightly darker and conceived by Annie Yakimova. Offering a sleek and functional abode, this room truly shines. Less open plan than the other two designs, this setup favours rooms that provide privacy and serenity.

Here in the living room we see that space is maximised with the small study built into one of the wall partitions. Do you lack space in your own home? Adding small sectioned spaces such as this offers plenty of functionality, while boosting your floor plan’s efficiency.

Making the most of space

transformed attic

In the master bedroom, the aesthetic is simple, sleek and chic. Once again, space is effortlessly maximised. Functional, multi-purpose furniture abounds, while characterful touches ensure the room is charismatic and inviting. This master suite is serviced by a large en suite bathroom, in addition to ample closet storage.

What did you think of this transformed penthouse? Let us know by adding a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

And stay tuned CoContesters, we have plenty more impressive interiors and design tips coming very soon!

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