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New Year Remodelling: 5 Easy Updates

December 24, 2016
new year remodelling

With 2017 approaching at a rapid rate, it’s often a good idea to consider some new year remodelling tips and tricks that will update your abode with style, panache and pizzazz.

That’s right folks, we are but eight days away from the beginning of a new year, and for this reason we’re going to be taking a look at how you can refresh and remodel your home simply and easily. With the Christmas season in full swing, it’s easy to let your home’s decor fall by the wayside. Once family and friends depart the celebrations and the house is stripped of its festive garb it can easily look bare, barren and a little bit bleak. Fear not fellow CoContesters, for we are here to show you 5 easy new year remodelling updates that will unquestionably brighten your post-holiday home! If you have a spare weekend or two before heading back to the grindstone, check out our simply remodelling tricks below…

1. A fresh coat of paint

new year remodelling

via Sight Unseen

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and best ways to totally rejuvenate your abode. Simple and fairly foolproof, a lick of paint will inject a dose of freshness to even the dullest interior space. If you are hesitant in taking on a full room, why not paint your front door, or consider an eye-catching feature wall? Take some cues from our list of 2017 trendy hues, and go for something that is sure to ring in the new year with style and pizzazz!

If you’d like to see the way paint has been stylishly infused within a dwelling, check out the above residence of Barcelona-based designer Guillermo Santomà.

2. Restore a piece of furniture

new year remodelling

via Vintage Revivals

New year remodelling is all about offering some second chances! Instead of purchasing something new for your home, why not give an old piece a fresh lease on life? We loved the above living room from Vintage Revivals, where Mandi gives second hand furniture a chance to shine in modern and contemporary interiors.

3. Work on your lighting

new year remodelling

via Bates Masi Architects

The lighting within your home is crucial to its success, consequently altering the vibe, atmosphere and aura. Consider your current lighting setup, while maximising its appeal with as many different sources as possible. Don’t stick to your downlights or a single bulb. Work with indirect sources, in addition to attention-grabbing chandeliers, fittings and fixtures.

If you’d like to have a peek inside the gorgeous home above, head over here and check it out!

4. Hang a salon-style wall

new year remodelling

via RSRG Arquitetos

A gallery wall is easy, stylish and sure to boost your home’s appeal, while ensuring it is characterful and unique. Get creative with your salon-styled interior by adding some of your own creations, photographs or pieces from local artists and designers.

Like what you see in the above interior? You can check out the full eclectic abode here and glean some tips for your your home!

5. Get rid of clutter

new year remodelling

via Apt. 34

When it comes to creating a stylish and sophisticated home, clutter is unquestionably the enemy. Sure to ruin your hard work and remodelling efforts, the new year rings in a time to clutter bust and renew your home by minimising accessories and unneeded junk. Set yourself a few days to audit and scrutinise your interior appurtenances, while ensuring you maximise a sense of cleanliness to give 2017 a fresh and revived vibe.

Like what you see? Check it out here.

New year remodelling can be fun – did our article provide a few tips and tricks? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

And stay tuned next Saturday when we will investigate some more fabulous interior decor ideas and inspiration!

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