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A Stylish Apartment Makeover in the Côte d’Azur

December 26, 2016

The Côte d’Azur is an inimitable and truly spectacular region famed for its sparkling turquoise seas and glamorous playground of the rich and famous.

Get ready CoContesters, today’s contest takes us to the French Rivera, where we will be checking out a 60s apartment that is going to undergo a dramatic transformation. Last week we took a peek inside a transformed penthouse apartment in Sicily, while today’s home is slightly smaller, but no less impressive. This stylish apartment makeover is replete with sparkling accessories, eye-catching features and has lovingly updated the out-dated residence. Located on the 8th floor of an old building and facing the ocean, this dwelling offers plenty of potential and opportunities for its owners.

The apartment in its original state


Dark, dreary and lacking character, this interior space has potential but is seriously lacking a scheme or theme to unify the home’s ambience.

In engaging CoContest, the owners of this 60s apartment hoped to realise the following:

  • A master bedroom with en suite bathroom.
  • A guest bedroom.
  • A small study.
  • A utility room.
  • An open and functional kitchen and dining area.
  • Ample and abundant storage throughout.
  • A provincial style and interior aesthetic.

The new and eye-catching interior

Stylish Apartment Makeover

Designed by Ornella Vaudo, this winning submission boasts bright interior spaces and works with a provincial French aesthetic.

In this image we see the cream interior that offers a built-in television and media cabinet, along with contrasting black features and elements.

Sleek lines and gorgeously updated spaces

Stylish Apartment Makeover

From this alternate perspective the room’s layout is seen, along with the new central divider, which separates the kitchen effortlessly. This stylish apartment makeover ensures the occupants have the choice of two different eating areas, while seamlessly segregated with a clear glass wall.

Additionally, to the left of this image we see the floor plan, which gives a good indication of the layout and apartment setup. Rather large, the space offers functionality and easy living for its inhabitants, while providing plenty of desirable storage options to minimise clutter.

A seriously stylish apartment makeover

Stylish Apartment Makeover

Next up we check out the submission from architect Andrés Caldero Martín. This option offers a range of interesting options, including timeless furniture, attractive features and open plan living.

The master bedroom has been located at the end of the apartment, consequently providing maximum privacy. A double entrance has been added to the living room, in addition to the circular path that is created around the furniture.

Considered spatial features

Stylish Apartment Makeover

To give more of an idea of this designers setup, we check out the room from an alternate vantage. Spatially, this stylish apartment makeover is wonderfully usable, while the inclusion of timeless furniture adds an enduring sense of elegance to the space.

This design is simple, stylish, sophisticated and wonderfully light filled. What do you think of this design? If you’re considering a home renovation you should check out CoContest to provide an update and simple refurbishment concept.

Bringing in the light


This sophisticated design from Gorica Vuckovic is definitely a winner! Boosting in a sense of light and verve, the space offers plenty of built-in cabinetry. The timber elements are especially stylish, consequently adding warmth and a hospitable ambience.

Are you looking for some wine storage inspiration? Check out this neat bottle holder, which, in addition to acting in a practical fashion, looks super chic!

Sumptuous sleeping quarters


One of our favourite rooms, this bedroom is seriously sumptuous, effortlessly chic and boosts the apartment’s appeal tenfold! The colours are neutral, while the timber elements add warmth and a provincial aesthetic that is simple and cheerful.

What did you like or dislike in this apartment? Let us know in the comments below…

And stay tuned folks, because we’ve got more fabulous features coming next Monday!

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